Mist of destruction Grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by TheTsunami, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. heres a pic of what im growing in

    sides are covered with contractor trash bags

    it now has a wooden back on it for mounting fans and im off to make a ebay account right now to order this light

    Cost so far
    frame(free my friend payed for it but it woulda been like 8 bucks)
    trash bags (10$)
    duct tape (4$)
    150 watt hps light (80$)
    Digital Thermometer(3$)
    Peice of wood for back(free from friends grandpa)
    Soil (free i had it laying around same with pots)
    Mist of destruction seeds ( freebies when my brother ordered 10x lowryder seeds)
    So far i've spent 97$ but its going to be well worth it oh and im gonna have to spend like 10 $ on velcro for the door so 107$ but im sure it will pay for itself in time :D ............:bongin:
  2. heres the light i ordered...
    heres the hydro system i wanna put in the box for my next grow

    I was a little worried about ordering the 2nd one on a credit card but it says "We understand & respect your privacy!!! DISCREET BILLING (shows up as a personal name)."


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