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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Seus, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Well it looks as if I'm going to most likely be moving to Missouri from Illinois to finish up my Bachelor's, since I can get it done for less than half of what it would cost me here in Illinois.

    Do any of you live in Missouri? I just read the states MJ laws, and must say, they're fucked. I'm almost scared to even smoke it there, let alone grow my own.

    How have any of you Missouri residents found the police to be? have you or anyone you know have any run ins with them? I just can picture them crucifying me to the cross since I'm not a native Missourian.
  2. i live in kansas and frequently travel over to missouri to smoke. im not so sure about growing but as far as smoking goes just use your common sense, there r lots of places in missouri where you can walk the streets and toke up. but learn before you try and you will be alright
  3. Where are you going to finish school? I'm at Mizzou no problems here man, i feel free to smoke wherever its like an $80 ticket or something if you get caught with 35 grams or less in Columbia, as for the rest of the state idk just always look out and your chillen.
  4. I'm from Saint Louis, the cops in the city as tight as fuck, they usually have more importnat shit to do so they don't worry about weed (unless you're pushing...but none of us do that :p) the county is different thought. My friend got arrested for have a half eighth on him. It just depends on the cops though. If you're comin to Saint Louis we get some fire as cheeba cus we're in the middle of the map so we get north, west, east and south. It's pretty chillin.
  5. Tgrlilly30 (my wife) and I live in Jefferson City. I dont know what the police/laws are like as we've never really had to interact with them on that level.

    If any localish blades make it to JC, drop me a pm. lets grab lunch or something, I know where to score some awesome Mexican or heart stopping good BBQ.
  6. I've been living in Missouri for a couple of years now, and most of the bigger city cops are alright, they generally won't hassle you unless you have a lot of weight. The rural sherriff's departments are another story though, those guys will happilly arrest you with any amount.
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    Ya dude i lived in STL for 2 years and never had problems w/ the police. I even had a buddy that moved dank weight. An he really never had any problems. Dont look shady and u will be fine.

    Oh and where in IL do u live now and where are u goin to be finishing up ur school in MO?
  8. I'm actually going to be going to school in Springfield. It's approx. 50% bigger than Columbia so that's a good thing. I just want to watch my back. I tell no one I grow...not even my brother. As far as I know, only god and I know that I grow. And I grow so that I can have all the sweet beautiful herb that I want, and don't have to pay for it.

    Check out my journal to see my 2 plant grow cab. One good grow in that, and I'm set for a good 6-9 months.

    I only smoke at home anyways...Just want to check with all you blades around missouri.
  9. Columbia/Jeff City/Lake Ozark/Osage Beach MO Blades, anyone interested in a BBQ & fishing at Binder lake this coming weekend?

    I'm feeling a lot better than I have been & the doctor agrees, so with the health meter nearly full & weather this beautiful.... I need to get out of the house big time. Anyone coming with me?

    Drop me a PM for time/place details. I have a couple of extra fishing poles if you need to borrow one.
  10. I've lived in saint louis for 3 years now going to school and haven't had one problem with the cops besides maybe noise complaints. Just be smart.

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