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missouri legalization

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrBongToker420, Nov 26, 2011.

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  2. too bad i dont live in missouri... :[
  3. i'll be voting for it for sure and so will my husband (who's been straight edge for 17 years, but thinks its so stupid that weed isn't legal/regulated) so i'm actually working with a known advocate here in st. louis to sponsor an event in the south county area and collect signatures. (nothing is set yet as i need to call about the location/dates available tomorrow but if you are interested in attending let me know. the more the merrier)
  4. Its only a matter of time until it passes. Im a St Louis resident along w my mom and sister who are both teachers and we all support it. Hopefully we can make it happen this time!
  5. Awesome good luck guys
  6. So yer frum missouray too!
  7. another bump for the missouri folks, show it all the support you can!

  8. Good luck. I'm not from there but any state is a victory for all of us
  9. Fuck yeah, legalize, Show Me State! My poor sick grandfather-in-law in KC could use some MMJ and I think if it were legal he would actually consider trying it.
  10. Let me know a date if you could, I live around the STL area, wouldn't mind telling some friends about it either...and for them to pass the word on also
  11. I will for sure! I called today but the person in charge of the space is only in M-F so I have to call back then. As soon as I get definite confirmation I will for sure let you and anyone else know. Thanks a ton!
  12. Hell yeah. I go to med school in STL and although I'm skeptical of this (considering how conservative MO is outside of STL and KC), I'll definitely support this. Let's make it happen.
  13. If anyone ever asks you just WHY cannabis should be legal, just click that first link in my sig and SHOW THEM! Once the medical facts about cannabis are known, the need for legalization becomes obvious!
  14. I don't live in MO but I do live damn close. hopefully it passes and Arkansas follows.
  15. I live 30 minutes from Missouri, and if this passes im moving!
  16. i am from missouri lived in soco now in jeff co lol (fml), we need an economy boost
  17. Maybe I'll move there and move in with my uncle and aunt hahaha
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    bumping to say that those of you in st. louis that are interested in the up coming event in south county - looks like we're going to do 2 dates in January.

    The first one will show the film 'What if Cannabis Cured Cancer' and will have Mark field some questions and the second one will be just completely educational information regarding the initiative and what the entire thing is all about.

    Both meetings will give attendee's the chance to add their signature if they havent signed already, and they are both meant to get the TRUE information out there so that we can all educate others properly on cannabis and why voting for this would be such a positive thing.

    I'm meeting with Mark today to reserve the space and to go over the plans and also to educate myself some more on Sensible Missouri and the "Cannabis Regulation" campaign itself so anyone who is interested in attending either or both please feel free to contact me.
  19. Oh and I should also add that I will be signed up as a petitioner so any of you who are unable to attend the events (they will be in the evening) but want to sign can contact me and I can either meet up with you or work something out to get your signature.

    It's important so spread the word st. louisans!

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