Missouri Cheeba Penalties

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by ludivicomethod, Aug 9, 2001.

  1. just thought id post these, to show the disgust i have to live with in my own home state.

    <=35 g.: 0-1; $1,000
    >35 g.: 0-7: $5,000
    >30 kg.: 5-15
    >100 kg.: 10-life
    Possession of paraphernalia: 0-1; $1,000

    <5 g.: 0-7; up to $5,000
    >5g.: 5-15
    >30 kg.: 10-life
    >100 kg.: life without parole

    Sale to minor: 5-15

    Sale within 1000 ft. of school or public housing project: 10-30

    Sale of paraphernalia: 0-5; $5,000

    Additional penalties for sale near government-assisted or public housing.

    Cultivation (any amount): 5-15
  2. i know of that too well. i got cought last year. i ony got fined.
  3. thats bullshit.
  4. I too was caught last Oct. and they took my lights ,grow books,seeds,and the killer part when they arrived I ask them for their warrant,they didn't have one,so when I went back in my house THEY OPENED THE DOOR THEMSELVES! In the report he put that I motioned him in! Fuck;en liar!
  5. they can not do that! you shouldnt of been charged with nothing!! you should get your shit back too!!
  6. yeah, can t believe they would be, well, like, man, we gotta get our info out there. like a multi-million dollar campaign like the TRUTH comercials. shit, everybody knows tobaccy is bad, and those body bag things they do on those TRUTH commercials are cool! we should like show the #s of people that get in prison for life for growing for their moms that have cancer. its just some sick shit! or maybe the honest, industrious, middle class man that is savings THOUSNADS OF HARDEARNED DOLLARS growing a plant or two. its just sick. id grow if my fucking parents didnt care.

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