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  1. Hello all. First post for me. I found the site while researching new glassware after a recent disaster involving 2 much loved hand pipes. (It was sad. We hugged, we cried and formed a 12 step group to get over it) Didnt get it here, but I did finally ended up buying a new bubbler at a semi-local shop for a bit >$50.

    Found the forums here, have done a lot of reading & semi sorta getting to know the denziens of the city. (Hoping DankStar99 is having a bountiful first time harvest as I write this) Love your grow journal dude. Keep it up.

    I'm 37, 100% honkey, smelling strongly of dorkimus, married for the 2nd time (to one FUCKING AWESOME chick) couple-a 3 kids, love reading, film/movies & music (social distortion, ramones, dropkick murphys, pogues, flogging molly, rehab, johnny cash, cindy lauper and about a billion others) I dont work due to health reasons so I'm in my plad flannel pj pants, t shirt & house slippers 85% of the time. I've recently been diagnosed with a case of "hahabitchyagonnadieslow" & have been taking life pretty easy for the past few months.

    I spend pretty much all day online watching tv shows, movies, porn (DUH! heh) playing at POGO Games. Hanging out with the kids, imparting the sage like wisdom of 'pops' (that wont be properly understood for decdades.:cool:) Laying down the law & wrath of DAD! Playing POGO Scrabble, Monopoly & Texas holdem. Lovin' my lady the right way when I can breathe proper like. Eating right, taking my meds, doin' what mama says & loving life accented with daily smokes for nasuea to keep the food down and fun shit like that.

    So Uh Yeah. Thats pretty much me right now.

    Nice to be here & I'll probably see ya in the forums
  2. welcome to the city

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