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  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRv0-E9wxqE
    How do you embed the youtube video like that ?
  4. that gateway shit the politician used, was debunked..long ago..guess he isn't going to get voted into office ever again... :bongin:
  5. 90% yes - 10% no      hahahhaha mississippi is full of weed heads!
    copy past the youtube page url onto it's own line of text, press enter for a new line and thats it...you can submit it then, gc site software does the rest.
  7. i live on the border of MS. i feel depressed every time i have to go to MS.. nothing but hicks, harsh cops, and white trash at garbagy casino's. and wiggers took over, they alll think they're drug lords cause they have dime bags of schwag on deck. sigh  
  8. I live in ms. Pigs love to stop blacks and search and fine since we're decrim up to 30gs

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  9. Everything you just said was down right ignorant.

    All of the bordering states to MS don't even have decriminalized marijuana. Which is pathetic. Nothing but criticism from every other states comes to MS.

    In the end, we have decriminalized cheap quality marijuana.

    Even the federal government grows Marijuana at Mississippi University

    Get your facts straight before you spout your ignorance.

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  10. Mississippi has the only federally legal weed farm in the US.

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