Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, May 21, 2004.

  1. Mission Breifing: Hot box room. Get real high. Play games, and watch movies.

    Mission Status: Still sober, but awaiting the smoking session.

    The time will begin shortly.:)
  2. Mission Update: Gather Materials.

    - Pipe. Check.
    - Lighter. Check.
    - MaryJane. Check.
    - Hamburger. Check. :)))
    - Pink Floyd and Bob Marley Music. Check.
    - Pink Floyd's: The Wall DVD. Check.
    - Finding Nemo movie on PC. Check. (It kicks ass!:D)
    - Windows and Doors closed for maximum Hot Box amazingness. Check.

    Smoking time: 0-...30 minutes or so. :\

    End Mission Updarte:

    Im going Solid Snake on this. :D
  3. Better hurry up .Ya already 7 or 8 bongs behind ,lol.

    Have a great time .l like the idea of hot boxing the room ,should be fun :D
  4. ur gonna have to leave the room for mor food. better stock up. i dont see how one guy somoking a pipe can fil a room up good enough. i would get 10 blunts between 4 people to do a stunt like that.

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