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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MoW, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. Ok I converted my Veggy area to a scrog area and setup a flowering area. Only to have to plan on the reversal of my plan. My Veggy area was 4X8 feet and I had palnned on simply getting all the plants on the same schedule but not to be cause then i read about cloning so now I need a Veegy area full time and a Flower area full time.

    So now I'll have the 4 x 8 for veggy and the new 12X14 foot area for flowering.

    Mostly using flor's in the veggy area 6-40 watt with 1 - 150 watt HPS.
    And in the flowering area 4 X 40 Flor's and 2 - 70, 2 - 150
    with the plan of adding either a MH or more HPS as required.

    My veggy plants go a little larger then I needed but I fear trying to prune them, so I plan on letting them grow vertical if they want to HENCE the scrog method.

    I'm planning on the height being 16" tops with each plant getting about 4x4 foot to grow. I only am working with 8 plants but they are looking real nice.

    I will have chicken wire mounted over the plants on a frameand will train the plants to show a bud in each of the holes in the wire.

    What do I do withthe Palm type leafs?
    I suspect they are going to continue to grow.

    I plan on adding flor's for the under growth because they are rather cool running and don't burn the plants .

    Is this a waste of time should I prune the undergrowth?

    I will have a space of about 20 inches from the tops of the plants to the HPS lighting. And will be running about 600 watts HPS in total plus the flors.

    I am guessing I am about 7 weeks from harvest at this time.
    And I expect somewhere between 480- 720 grams of bud and maybe 800 grams of palms type leafs along the way.
    I would guess right now I have maybe 100 grams of palm leafs.

    First grow .. How am I doing ? Am I on Target?

    Also the continous growth doing scrog is in the fact you take clones and contiune the cycle OR do the plants alos grow longer and you nip the bugs when they are done and other continue to grow?
  2. High

    Don't worry about the bottoms..It's a weed it will grow..The big leaves are needed to feed on sunlight.. It sounds like you got it under control..You need to just sit back let it grow an feed every other watering..10-60-10 blooming food..:D
  3. Thank you for the reply.
    Part of the process of growing is one folks don't think about to often.
    I am starting to learn at some point less done the better.
    These plants could die of too much love ( or at least get sick)
    Once thinsg are going right ...don't fix it , till it's broke.

    I have to take up knitting or something to take my mind off my babies. I check them 3-4 time a day.

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