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  1. Howdy folks! I am starting this grow journal to document - mostly for myself ;) - my grow project(s). My mission is simple: produce enough buds to sustain my own habit for six months per "grow cycle". I have figured that I smoke, wife included, 1/4lbs per month - provided that we can afford it. This being said, if I can harvest at least 4oz (dried) per plant, I can do it with 6 or less plants. I plan to grow 2 indoors, not expecting more than 4oz per plant. The rest will be in 5gal buckets outdoors. Based on my research, those can reach 5 to 6 feet high, and should produce even 1/2lbs each. Thus... the journey begins.

    I have started the germination process on 14 seeds (all bag seeds, 5 of them from dank and 9 from regs) at about 6PM on Friday night - 8/22. I sorta let the paper towels go dry on the first night, so they have been germinating over about 36 hours. 4 seeds (1 dank, 3 regs) have already been planted in the little 8oz peat pots with PerfectMix soil. 3 more seeds (2 dank, 1 reg) have cracked and have taproots out, but not just right for planting yet. They will be planted tonight, leaving me with 7 germinated and potted seeds. I previously had 3 plants going, one large indica that proved to be male yesterday and got cut down. Of the other 2, one seems to be showing signs of being male, and will be destroyed if so. The other is in its final pot, having been tied down once for LST and should be ready for the next tie-down in the next few days - this one is indoors in small grow cabinet (2'x2'x2') under 130w of CFLs. Once I have a bigger cab built and have more lighting, I will be adding a second plant to the indoor part of the grow. Right now, I am looking at using only PerfectMix for my medium, and minimal fertilizer: MiracleGrow Tomato Food (20-20-20). I have some spikes that are 8-24-8 and some have said this will be good for flowering.

    As always, any suggestions are welcome. Just keep in mind that I am trying to do this to save my own money, not make profit. Thus, I'm being as cheap as possible about it, but I do want to do it right so that I get quality buds and a bountiful harvest.
  2. your expecting some pretty monster yields for a beginner....

    good luck
    Make it happen!
  3. Ha... yeah I suppose I expect a lot, but I will do my best to make it happen. Topping/fimming, tying down branches, LST, anything I can do to make more bud sites and make those sites produce larger buds. Another good thing is I have my mom's green thumb to help too ;). It also doesn't hurt that I live in the absolute center of nowhere and have plenty of sun for the outdoors plants.
  4. I now have 10 germinated and planted seeds. 6 are from a bag of regs, and 4 are from some dank I picked up a few weeks ago. As for the other 4 seeds that I originally started to germinate, only 1 (regs) did not crack open, and the other 3 did, but didnt have a "big" taproot out of the shell yet, but I said screw it an planted those as well -including the one that didn't crack. If they all sprout, I will have 9 regs plants and 5 danks for a total of 14 plants. Best case, if they all make it and are female and I decide to grow all of them, I could be looking at a total harvest of anywhere from 3.5lbs up. I expect some number of males so I am overshooting my final plant count goal. I really only want about 1lbs I suppose, cuz I won't smoke all of that in the time it takes to grow more, and I'll probably start a new cycle as soon as I know for sure the final female count.
  5. youll need more than 130watts. i plated my seed when it had a tiny taproot, its just came through the soil after 2 days.
  6. those fertilizer spikes will burn and kill your plants. Try using something other then mg.
  7. you can expect about half of them to be male. and to get 3.5lbs, you would need some serious light and probably co2.

    i know how it is to revel in the thought of growing tons of weed with a few plants, but it really isn't that easy. there are tons of factors involved and it really takes some experience to starting getting impressive yields.
  8. your yields re crazy high expectations man, especialy for under cfl`s and with those MG nutrients, there is nothing wrong with MGAP, but the 20-20-20 stuff sounds bad to me for some reason. not trying to be buzzkillington or anything.
  9. Alas its true indoors you should look into well copying rumple lol, he gets the most you could get from two plants check him out.

  10. and he does it with 400 watts:cool:
  11. if your looking for 4oz per 1 plant not knowing the strain, you need to veg 6 plants for 2 months under a 1000 WATT MH. then flower for 2 months under a Hortilux Bulb 1000 Watt HPS. with those cfls and that many plants, even with a LST on the plants your top yield will only be about 3 oz. IF YOUR LUCKY.

    Hope you get a better set up soon.
    good luck with the grow op mang!
  12. yeah
    i need a 1000w too)
  13. I think you guys are missing my point: I am currently only going to do 2 plants indoors under the lights, until I get more lights and better overall cabinet built.
  14. but strain is it, is it a high yielder? is it bag seed?

    were just trying to help dude, unless you do pretty much what lab. said with heavy yielder like Big Bud or Pure Power Plant, or a cross between the two, THC-bomb

    those yields will be pretty hard to get

  15. +1:wave:

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