Mission impossible

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  1. Last night I Ate a edible and was baked as fuck my brother came home and came in my room saying my eyes were red and I looked high And I was acting high and he said he is gunna test me in 3 days, I have to take the test or he will tell my parents . My goal is to pass the test in three days. Do you think that is possible? How can I get it out of my system fast enough?
  2. well u could get your friends piss.
  3. All my friends piss has thc
  4. You need to teach your brother not to be a filthy rat.
  5. 1. Find clean pisser.
    2. Offer them currency or a trade of some sort.
    3. Have them piss.
    4. Pass piss test.
    5. Say "haha fuck off" to your brother.
  6. how olds your bro?
  7. fuck your brother if he piss taking you.

    tell him i said suck my dick and i piss in his mouth
  8. Just don't take the test and if he tells your parents, tell them that he's full of shit. Your brother isn't a damn PO so he has no authority to make you take a drop.

    And besides, you're brothers. I'm sure you have some shit on him to blackmail him with.
  9. What the fuck beat his ass man so he learns not to be rat that aint a real brother mane serisouly wtf
  10. hes got u by the balls
  11. Tell ur brother to fuck off and mind his own
  12. what a loser man, dont piss for him. make some more edibles but make a whole bunch without any herb in them..maybe make two that will get you baked, depending on if you want to eat one as well, offer your brother one(obviously the one that will get him high) and voila you got that ass hole, if he snitches, he rats himself out as well
  13. how big a itch are you your letting your brother do this to you grow a pair
  14. First you gotta become 18(this is when u have a pair of balls) and tell his bitch ass to fuck off
  15. He is crossing the line. I would sack that motherfucker so hard that he wouldn't even have the balls to look at me again. :rolleyes:
  16. [quote name='"dazedBong"']First you gotta become 18(this is when u have a pair of balls) and tell his bitch ass to fuck off[/quote]

    I am 18 but if I say I don't want to he will know I have it in my system
  17. Tell him you will take the piss test when he gives you it don't piss on it and throw it away which will buy you a few more days because he won't have another piss test to give you.
    lol was hard to write as I am baked but I think it makes sense.
  18. spit lougie in the piss cup so what if your bro knows you have in your system he cant prove it and honestly are parents that protective now days they go get piss test just cuz someone said they thought you where high
  19. This is a classic case of male rivalry, you need to establish your dominance over him. Pin him down and piss all over his face, that'll put him in his place. DISCLAIMER: this is a joke. mods be creeepppiinnnn.
  20. all you gotta do is drink water like your life depends on it, the day of the test. also drink a good amount the day before but not as much, piss out half into the toilet and collect the middle of the pee and then pee the rest out. you should be plenty good as long as the urine is clear you are clear

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