Mission Hill

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  1. out of all the shows i have watched baked... i am sure mission hill made me fall of my chair in laughter. anyone else like this show? the facial expressions in it just stick in my head it is amazing
  2. Haha yeah, that cartoon is hilarious

    That kid Kevin sucks..."Bling blong bling blong"

    I like Andy's friend Jim..."Wanna go up to the roof and get toasted?"
  3. "break out the jager dude"
  4. Hell yeah that show is the shit! I can never figure out when it's on Adult Swim though. I think Im gonna get the series on DVD. The characters are all funny for sure.
  5. its one of my favorites, anyone else enjoy home movies or ATHF
  6. Yeah i used to think Home Movies was hilarious. I saw it the other night and it was still pretty funny. ATHF is real hit or miss for me. Sometimes funny as hell, sometimes unbearable to watch.

    Does anyone know when Mission Hill is on Adult Swim??

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