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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RMJL, Dec 18, 2003.

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  1. Ok...I\'m on a mission. My little buddy wants me to locate the very best place online with the very best prices for a set of digi\'s so he can order them tonight and have them sent to my house...he lives with his parents. (I wish he lived with me...he\'s a hottie! ;) ) Anyway, I\'m searching right now but I wanted to see if any of you guys know of a reliable place that doesn\'t charge out the ass that you\'ve either dealt with or know someone who has.

    (I posted this here since I\'m not sure if we can really talk about it. Just don\'t post any links for places that sell pipes and such since we can\'t list links for competitors.)

    Thanks in advance, guys!!!!

  2. I picked up my digi\'s from Office Max Jilly. Cost me $29.99 for a scale that will go up to 5 lbs. www.officemax.com run a search on digital scales on that site.

    Edit: Try this site too Jilly, they seem to have good prices and about anything you\'d want scale wise. They may be a bit high for what he wants to spend, but they are very precise. http://www.balances.com
  3. Wow! I just got totally ripped.

    Back on my mission.

    You know, Cow...I went there a little while ago before I left. I\'m going to check yours out and see if it\'s close to what I\'ve been looking at for him.


    Ohhhhh...it weighs in grams and ounces. Cool! He\'d really dig that one.

    I kind of like this one.


    and this one...


    I kind of need a new set.

    heh...this one too...


    I think I like that one the best.

    Thanks guys! I\'m still looking around for him (and for me apparently.) I appreciate the help!!!!

    Wait...these aren\'t bad but I hate places that only let you use paypal.

  4. ahhhhhem.... seach the word scale...and look for the 2 threads... i have mine in there.....

    try to find a micro tech...they\'re great
  5. Are you telling me to use the search button??? HA! :D


    I gotta go roll a big fatty!
  6. Go to www.ebay.com

    search for the MX200.

    A guy runs a site called www.myweigh.com, but he doesnt sell any of the scales through his site. he sells em on EBAY and other sites. anyways, i got my scale from him on ebay. Had it shipped to canada. After shipping & handling, and the exchange rate, it came to 55$.

    VERY good scale. measures from .1-200 grams. hes got plenty more if thats not what your looking for, try www.myweigh.com if you want other, but most are sold through ebay or other sites he links too.

    I really recommend this guy. He tried SOOOO hard to get me my scale. and when it took a while for us to set it up, he threw in some free calibration wieghts and non electric, keychain scales (that are surprisingly accurate)

    oh, and it only took 5 days to ship here.

  7. it could have been my only chance...:D ( but you already knew that im suuuure)....lol..

    key things to think about when purchasing.....
    surface area, i prefer round it weighs more evenly, more surface area the better

    make sure ya can smack it around too, no point in buying somehting then having it fall apart on ya two weeks lata....

    and size if your gonna bring it out of the house, which i highly don\'t recommend, lol

    and last.... batteries.... lithium or dble A.... personally, i like the lithium ones better, they seem to last longer... but they\'re more expensive.....

    mine, is a round twisty micro touch, that uses lithium batteries, and i could throw it agianst my wall as hard as i wanted to, pick it up and it would just be fine...

    i\'d also just rather buy something expensive once and have it last me for ever... cost me $90

    you can get em cheaper online though.

    edit:/ :p
  8. I have a larger one but the fucker is off by 2 grams if I weigh anything over 5 grams which you all know is nothing but a pain in the ass when you never weigh anything that low. My best friend kept giving me short QP\'s so finally I went over with my scales and we did the nickel thing (the real nickel, ya know) and it worked for one nickel but then instead of two nickels weighing 10 grams, they\'d weigh eight, 3 would weigh 13 and 4 would weigh 18. Turns out those QP\'s weren\'t so short after all. LOL! Big pain in the ass so I\'m using the hanging ones until I decide on a new digi. Now I\'m looking for 2. One for me and one for my bud.

    I\'ll look for that one on ebay whoopsie and adam (Adam, I\'m working on that for you, by the way...what you asked me to work on) but a link would be so much cooler. :D

  9. do they have any that look like a beaten red headed step child?? :D

  10. a shop to get head??? thats cool though....did they have anything else cool besides ::ahem:: treats....
  11. May be a bit late for RMJL, but i really recomend using ebay or oldwillknot and myweigh scales. I ordered the Mx-120 on ebay, but they didnt have any of those at the time, so he sent a MX-200 instead, shipped quick and it was only 35 something with shipping.
  12. it looks like it must be too late, but i felt it important to say you can pick em up from the cops themselves at www.stealitback.com under office supplies. They are all the ones confiscated that they auction back at the public. can find em cheap sometimes. funny funny funny

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