Discussion in 'General' started by STEEEEZ, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Hey little nug that fell out of my sack and I forgot to pick it up, where'd you go? Come out come out where ever you are, I wanna smoke you
  2. Nnnnnnooooooooo ill never let you smoke me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rip my fallen/burnt nugbrothas, it was a good time in the bag while it lasted, if i coulda taken ya with me i woulda, good night sweet ganja
  3. you little son of a bitch, how'd you get internet? Now come out, my lungs want your sweet sweet THC
  4. cannabis works in mysterious ways, see what you get for tryin to INCINERATE ME! sick fuck!

    i will only reveal my hiding spot for my weight in sweet sweeeeeeeeet hash errrrrrrrrrrl.... dont make me take the rest of that bag hostage.
  5. I dropped a half finished bowl of some shit I got for $20 for .8 in between the seats of my car last night. I was pissed.
  6. you magical magical bud, no wonder I love you so much.

    I'm still gunna find and smoke you though

  7. I hate that, I was loading a bowl pack out of my grinder last night and my fucking bowl tipped over, lost like half the bowl.
  8. i aint goin without a fight! ill roll around and kief OUT your floor, man

    come at me. hahaaaa
  9. No not the keif!!!!

  10. Not if I get to the nug first:devious:
  11. Challenge accepted good sir!


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