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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by gashadokuro, May 14, 2011.

  1. I've made 2 threads within the past few days and I noticed one was gone one day, now the other (which was up last night) is now gone. I never got any pm about it or at least a warning in the thread if it wasn't supposed to be there, which there was nothing wrong with either. So I'm wonder where they went.
  2. they got deleted

    it happens if they aren't in the right section
    or if they somehow break the rules

    nobody is going to pm you for that dude
  3. hmmm. they seemed to be in the right section, and i'd think after 2 threads in a row deleted fairly close to each other they would tell me something about it. It would at least keep me from posting in the wrong section.
  4. None of your threads have been deleted other than one you deleted yourself.

    It's possible a couple of them were moved to different forums. You can view the threads you've made by going to your profile and clicking the Statistics tab and then "Find all threads started by user". :wave:
  5. Thanks junkiedays that helped, i found them. After I tried looking for them I looked in my control panel and didn't see them there either, but the statistics had it. Thanks again

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