missing socks

Discussion in 'General' started by Zylark, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. i got a closet full of socks. only a handfull match. where's the others? i just griped about this today whilst stuffing the washingmachine with a new batch of, amongst others, socks, and one of my flatmates came up with a perfectly reasonable explanation:

    it's a common misconception that washers work on electricity. they use socks for energy. that is why there is always at least one sock of a pair that's missing after a wash :)
  2. I always heard that dryers create a magical sock vortex, and
    that the missing socks are orbiting Saturn.

    But I don't believe that, though. I believe that socks worship the dryer and sacrifice one of their own on the sock altar
    everytime they're put in the dryer.
  3. I think the dryers and sock companies have a deal with each other. The dryers are made to suck up a sock once in a while so you have to buy new socks.

  4. Blix!!!! I do believe that you may be on to something there. Test the hypothesis and report back to us.

    ...that might be hard to do, though. I mean, are you going to start the dryer full of socks and then open the door really fucking quick to see if the sacrifice has taken place or is still in progress? How would one go about "proving" this theory?


    I have no clue as to what happens in there...all I know is that I have a lot of dust rags that look just like socks and not a single one looks like the others. So, at this point, I'll buy almost any explanation.
  5. i like socks

  6. maybe this is true, maybe the dryer companies own the sock companies.:)
  7. Thats funny critter!

    I buy packs of the same socks. They all match so I don't notice any thing till I start running out.

    I still run out over a period of time. I think there may be a sock mite. They may be eatting them!
  8. good thread!

    it drives me nuts to wear 2 different socks. I *need* them to match. its funny cause I noticed I was running low on socks so yesterday I went out and bought more gold toe. thats another thing, Ive slowly been throwing out any other sock that isnt gold toe. I neeeeeeeeed them. Im a big foot person, I think I treat my feet with more respect than a hell of a lot of other things! :) thats not odd..

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