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Missing post

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. I've made some post that I can't find. Anyone know what happened to them?

    The Sex poll

    And a couple others?

    Anyone know what the hell happened to them?
  2. i dont know, but i did click the link in my email that told me someone replied to the sex poll and it said that the link was invalid or somethin or other....kinda irritating :S
  3. Same with the who has more post and others i've noticed too
  4. Is there other post missing besides mine? I looked for the post in other forums to see if they were moved with no luck. I can't undrstand what has happened to them.
  5. Posts magically disappear around here!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. well SOMEONE needs to start writing down where he PUTS THINGS before he gets STONED and FORGETS! ;)

    in all seriousness, i haven't lost any of my posts that i know of?? i wonder what happened. . .
  7. im smoking my first bowl in two weeks right now...giggle luck in finding a job, so i figure...WHY THE FUCK NOT...right?

    heheheheheheheheheeh........stonage.......meow......rant coming soon
  8. What posts and polls are you talking about Bud? There haven't been any posts by you in a while, are you sure this is nit a figment of your imagination? ;)
  9. HEY!!! IM STONED!!!!!!




    A LOT!!


    fuckedy me fuckermermaovaklvn whooo hoooo...taking a break will most definately help the getting fucked up wqueoitcker..quicker..that work was..werd was supposed to be quicker..not ahwatever the fuck i just posted..ohhh goodddd..heeaaddd goooonnnnnee~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!
  10. they are gone, but not forgotten!! why not just start them over?

  11. I know I have a bad STML but I still cannot find the damn things.

    One post was about the sex on the site.

    The other was-who has 1500 post

    I guess they nust have got eaten by my other computer.
  12. i like weed..weed likes me....lets all climb a tree..i feel free...ouch, i fell out of the tree and hurt my knee...weeeee...when i drink a lot i have to pee, teedle e me meeee...nirvana just got done performing polly, from unplugged on MTV, now their singin rape me,up next jimi hendrix foxy lady, mary maryyyy, im gonna listen to tenacious d, what song you ask double teeeaam, *note, i had to strectch that one*, man it would feel good to be in a jacuzzii, they feel sweeet, chillin in the water that eminates a gentle heeeat, somebody smell my feet, the are sweet, sweet like rotting meat, and that aint sweet, it smells like my feet, my granmas bird goest tweet, he has feet, they are sweet, sneakin in the l33t, my ranting abilities are elite, i dont know anybody named pete, double chambered ice bongs are really neat, i hate stepping in dog sheet, get nonstinky breath by brushing your teeth, also rhyming with all of this is the number three, cows suckle on teet, cars drive down the street, but i digress, the most important thing here is bud heads memoryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Did you get that out of a childs book? I can't believe you made a ryme that long!

    My memory decieves me some times!!!!!
  14. rhymes from the nursery, that all came from meeeee
  15. You are the ryming hero! I guess that might be your calling. You never know when that will come in handy!
  16. it came in handy a lil while ago when i made that post :D:smoking:.......gimme an hour and ill be high again:D........and another rant will be on its way :D
  17. I saw the 1500 posts one but can't find the sex one and I had a damn good answer to it, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn it, Bud Head, you'd lose you head if it weren't stuck up your..........wait, that may sound mean.....hmmmm........well, I can't think of a nice way to say it so I won't say it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. just a few more and i will have a bunch

  19. Wait a damn minute! I kinda reseamble that remark!

    I still can't find them. I even looked when I wasn't stoned.

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