missing GB water

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  1. i do most of my smoking out of a home made GB, and i fill it up pretty high, i have a point marked to were i know were to stop pureing water in it at. but for some reason, each week i have to top that bitch off. within one week it could loose like 1 and a half inches of water. its not sitting by a window or anything so where could my GB water be going?
  2. Evaporation.
  3. Darwin wins again! No really, its the same water theif that was tormenting Mayor West in family guy...:p

    I just can't believe the OP didn't think of that....FACE-PALM!:smoking:
  4. This.


  5. this dude..it's Luke Perry
  6. they know whats up.

    I leave the water in my bubbler (im not worried about cleaning after every use or anything) and the next day or so the water is always a little bit lower..

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