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  1. I'm at a party, and we can't find my buddy. Last time I saw him he was puking with a beer in his hand. Should I be worried?
  2. I would check up on him.
  3. worry in 23 hours
  4. Dude you always look after your homies
  5. What are you his mother, cut the umbilicle cord
  6. put him to sleep, with a clock to the temple
  7. Are you serious now? Best bet is he's probably bangin some hot chick in the closet
  8. Hahahaha, OP's post reminded me of a party I went to one time.

    It was summer, and I had just finished 7th grade, so at the end of the summer I'd be going into 8th. Me and two of my boys that were the same age got invited to a high school party cause we were cool with some of the freshman and sophomores who would be going there, and the dude who was throwing it liked us.

    So, anyways, I didn't drink very much at this point in time, just smoked a lot of weed. We get there, and me and my friend had bought a quarter of danks, a handle of vodka, and a 18-rack to split. I had never heard of the whole "Beer before liquor, never been sicker" thing, so the first thing I did when I got there was smoke a joint and drink a brew. I ended up going through my 9 of the beers within the first few hours we were there, and I was buzzing. I smoked almost my whole 8th in bong hits and joints, and was feelin' nice.

    That's where it went wrong. I started taking shot after shot and made it to probably 6 or 7 shots before I got the spins. Then, I toilet hugged and puked for a good hour. I had a headache, felt sick, and just wanted to chill. He had a basement with 3 rooms branching off of it, one of them being an old school Diner type room, with booths and everything. I went in there and passed out in a booth.

    I guess everybody thought I was lost for 4 hours and was worried as fuck. I woke up and went upstairs and they were like "WE FOUND HIM!" Haha shit was crazy.

    But, he's probably okay.

  9. robbed
  10. hes either -
    a. doing coke in the bedroom
    b. smoking outside in a bush with someone
    c. doing coke and smoking in a bush
    d. passed out at the bottom of the pool and you LET YOUR FRIEND DIEEEEE.
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  12. this guys 12
  13. Did I say I was 12? I'm pretty sure most 12 year olds don't have the vocabulary or grammar skills I do. But, okay!

    I clearly said this happened in middle school. I don't know where in my story you picked out the fact that I said this was recent?
  14. bahahahahhah self proclaimed "grammar skillz."
  15. I'm not bragging? I was just saying, I'm pretty sure most people who are 12 "tipe lyke dis" or have trouble spelling or using bigger words.

    Jesus. For a weed website, there are a lot of people who have the "holier than thou" attitude. Move on, bro. It's a forum :wave:
  16. @sensimillaswim, if you are secretly micheal phelps it would totally make my summer
  17. hes probably getting poked with a stick by some wandering band of childrens, by now
  18. Its been like six hours :/
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    Find him yet? Does he have a phone and if he does can you txt him?
  20. Naw, no phone, no car. I don't even know how he got here. Hell, ain't shit I can do. Just hope he ain't ran over.

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