Missing avs?

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  1. Is there a forum glitch or something? A lot of avatars don't show up for me.

  2. There is no issue at all , i suggest you to flush your browser cache
    Eh, didn't help. I cleared cookies too.
    - For the first time, today my own av is missing.
    - In 20 years of being online, I've never had this happen
    - I checked three unrelated forums and all avatars appear normally.
    - I normally use FF, but I just went to GC with my Chrome browser and the avs are also missing
  4. He's not the only one with this issue, Lizard King. There's a couple more people, myself included, that've noticed this. To test it, I've cleared my cache and all that good jazz, just to say it doesn't work. My avatar shows fine, but OP's is disappeared. Pokesmot247's disappears on me here and there, along with just about everybody else's. That even happens in Incognito mode on Google Chrome.
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    Thanks for posting!
    FWIW: I just made a post on another thread and my av shows fine. I came back to this thread and it does not show, just like ten minutes ago.
    EDIT: My posts #1 and #3 on this thread do NOT show my avs. When I made THIS post, it does show normally. :confused:
  6. Some posts seem to do it, some don't. I noticed that, too. Some of mine have done it, some of Head Chef's have done it, a number of members' posts have done it. 
  7. Happens to me to. My name changes to Jet and my avatar changes too. It is a person who got banned before.
  8. There is an issue and , each OP's avatar is missing atm.

    bug has been reported and should be resolved asap!
    Thank you!
    It's nice to know I'm not losing my mind!    [​IMG]          [​IMG]
  10. Looks like you guys got it fixed. It's all good now!
    In 20 years on the Internet you've never encountered a broken image? Fizzly I DONT BELIEVE YOU
    Glad it is taken care of though.
    Plenty, but not an avatar.
    GFY NO-DOT LENNY! :mad:
  13. You're still on about the dot? I question your priorities in life.
  14. Dot, no dot, dot, no dot. [​IMG]
  15. Why does the "Mark Solved" show up on this thread, which is not in the "Help" forum, but in "General."
  16. I'm seeing the same problem. Lots people have the "broken" avi icon.
  17. I think the mods only come to the help section once per year and that happens around Thanksgiving, so you've got a long wait.
    Clear you cache and see if that helps. Report back and let us know.
    Hmm...must be Thanksgiving again. :rolleyes:
    bump . . .

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