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missing : ashley!! girl missing ALERT ALERT

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jeremyisastoner, Aug 18, 2003.

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  1. ASHLEY!!!!! where are you baby girl!! are you smoking with out me???? ashley !!! where are youu!! MISSING GIRL REPORT! IF you have seen this fine girl call 1-420-stoners!! ashley why doesnt your phone work!! ive beeen trying to call you forever!!! anyone seen this girl!! smokinandtokin where are you!!!! smokintokin anyone seen her??? heres a picture.

    alright baby i will take it down **sighs** i guess a guy just cant have any fun embarassing his smoking buddys:(:(
  2. omg.... jeremy take that pic. down... out of all the 10000 pics u have of me, u have to post that one, the worst one!! god! jeeez babe u dont need to make a whole thread to me... im right here on the city posting on! my phone is all screwed up so it wont do anything if u call, have to call the repair man some! hey these things have PM\'s you know... if u want to see if im on, go to the forum home and then go to the bottom of ur screen and look for my name *smokin&tokin*... well ttyl baby boy! best stoner friends forever! lmfao! j/k! lol! take that pic down now!
  3. damn girl, you\'re fine.....

    more pics pleeze
  4. That really YOU????!?!
  5. yea, that looks a little too good.....
  6. hahahaaa
  7. ..::cough::..HOT..::cough::..
  8. damn that\'s u s&t? I never knew.

  9. looks like its a red carpet event none the less... haha
  10. lol, come on
  11. is sketchy..but hey...if thats you..more power to ya..if its not..More power to ya i dun give a fuck..:)
  12. god damn thats a hot pic whether its her or not i\'m just pretend it is. wish you were my stoner friend i\'d be blazing ALL my sheeba with you.
  13. damn gulie lookin good *whistles*hehehehehehehehe
  14. i thought you ment ashley judd, cause i inmediatly thought, damn, BPP is gonna be devistaed:(
  15. now i shall post a pic of her drunk!!! haha lmfao!! she will love this one.
  16. yeah listen to bliv hes the SPW rounfd here and i wanna see too :)

  17. sorry guys, shes still yelling at me for posting the first one. im really going to get this at school, maybe i can put some pics of her when shes not here. lol!!!!! where the hell is she anyways!!!!
  18. alright ... he he he!

    *** well here rests the grave of another pic i just put up, and had to take down:(*** alright i promiss no more!!! the 2nd pic was a funny one though ash!!!!!
  19. dammit hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe im stoned any one got any water?

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