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Missin thai stix

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by darksoulwandering, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Not since I left Fla in the mid 80's have I seen any thai...where I live now if you ask people have no clue what your talking about. Anyone with a good way to grow them?I would like to try and do my own but the way it was explained to me way back in the day didnt sound right and I doubt with all the smoking done in between I could remember the exacts anyway.
  2. Weren't they dipped in hash oil? Id love a good thai had chocolope that has chocolate thai in it and it was great
  3. yeah either hash oil or some "O"ther powder, it would be nice to see it make a comeback with all the new strains out there.with only the hash oil dip.
  4. I see some dispensaries dip buds in hash oil and then roll them in kief..that would be crazy
  5. that would be something worth trying, but livin in a non disp. state kills that idea for me,I am trying to find some of the original recipes, if you hit upon one shoot me a link , if I find 1 I'll post it up
  6. If i remember ryt thai sticks wer dipped in opiates b4 shipping, the weed itself was nothing special, it was what it was dipped in that was the strong part to it why every1 liked it so much, real thai stick was hella expensive, big difference between thai stick and thai weed, theyre worlds apart
  7. yeah but with the newer stronger strains just dipping it in hash oil would be unuff and would have to be a great high espesially if you mixed strains
  8. I had my first and only thai stix encounter 10-11 years ago. It was a unique smoke thats for sure! Its still out there... just alot less popular now with the new HPS revolution.
  9. umm, I fairly remember how me and a buddy made "thai Sticks" before.

    take about a quarter of good weed in .3-.7 nugs. poke a hole through each nug so you can run a string through each one while after every 2-4 nugs putting a small chunk of hash on then string. after it is all threaded just wrap around the stick using the hash at each time it reaches the stick to stick the string buds onto the stick. then after its all wrapped use some hash at the last bud to stick it then throw the stick in the freezer. after its been frozen for about an hour or so take it out and dip it in hash oil and roll in kief so you can barely see the hash and it looks like one big bud off a plant.

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