Missed the bright eyes and atmosphere show

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by PinkZebrazGreen, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. At the house of blues in Cleveland. They are both this month and I am too poor to go. Prob my two favorite artists lol

    Ohhh wellll. Anyone else here see either of these people live? They are completely different genres but always tour at similar times and play at the same cities.
  2. I haven't seen them but I know how it is to miss out on seeing you're favorite artist :(.
  3. I saw atmosphere with most of the Rhymesayers crew at terminal 5 in NYC this past...novemeber i think?

    Show was fucking amazing, i was really expecting an atmosphere show to be mad chilled out but im not gonna lie they can make a club fucking BUMP. I was too wasted to clearly remember most of it but when they played sunshine the whole place went nuts, i'd personally see them everytime they were playing near me if i could
  4. Yeah it's killer being broke... Atmosphere played like all my favorite songs at his show it was insane, I was losing it lol
  5. Its kinda cool only half remembering the show though, because now when i listen to atmosphere songs and i come to one he played i get like flashbulb memories of him playing them and its awesome :D

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