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Miss you mary j

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SensiNinja111, May 11, 2011.

  1. Its been a good month of not smoking (long story, got caught gettin drug tested) and it could be months before i reunite with weed again. I miss it alot but hopefully my tolerance has been diminished almost fully because the day i toke up again it will be amazing...
  2. Don't worry! When you are ready to toke, it'll be just like your first time. No tolerance or anything.

    :smoke: We're waiting for ya buddy
  3. Its ok. This is what addiction does
  4. When I couldnt smoke for six months I totally forgot what being high felt like altogether, like when you blaze and you dont know what to expect.

    Then it hit me like a freight train.
  5. What ever you do don't fall for that whore Hero In :p

  6. Nah maybe but i never really smoked that much. Just miss the lifestyle ya kno?
  7. Ya bro same things happenin to me, idk if it's worth chancin it and blazing after my drug
    Test or not (they're random not like monthly) just wondering is there anything thats helped you not blaze?
  8. It's ganna be a good day when you can finally toke up ha.

  9. Just realizing how amazing it will be when i get back. Ohh and i started playing the ukulele. Helps ease the soul hahha

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