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Miss June

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SwissChris, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. Well I got my tipps for the past two weeks payed out in full and I have a shit load of money that I call the "weed bank" as I will use this to finance my weed for the next two weeks until I get the rest of the tipps and my sallory paid out....

    So here is miss june :) 5g of beautiful swiss herbs just waiting to get me high :D this is one huge nug about the size of my credit card...she is so pretty :D

  2. where do you work that you get tips?

    i do the same thing with the money the waitresses tip be out with. i just wait a few weeks when my money is running low, grab my tips then buy some bud :D
  3. I work with tips too, i just have a jar in my room i put all my $20's in and i spend the 1,5,10 on frivouluos stuff, like soda,chips, mostly anything you can buy at 7-11. When i need money for weed i only take it out of the tip jar, this prevents me from spending too much money on bud. Then once the jar get more than $200 i buy myself a new piece :)

    I love getting tips!!!! Instant gratification :) :)
  4. haha yeah thats the way to go! For the summer I am working at a very up-scale restaurant and bar as a bus boy (but I also work in the office sometimes) and I get tips every two weeks and sallery every sallery is 20 sFr / hour thats aprox $16/hour and my tips run me usually arround 150 sFr or $120 every two weeks depending on how much I work....

    Yeah it seems like a lot of money but Fuck this shit has to get my through a whole year of college lol as I don't work when I am at school...but as soon as I get a car I want to work at like The Cheesecake Factory or some other kind-of-nice place and make some extra cash to get me through college...

    Ive worked in restaurants and bars for the past 3 years...I also did one year as a web designer and one year working in corperate design. I am currently studying Information Technology....I really just want to find a job in the FL area and I'll be all set..
  5. Well I took the beast out of her cage today :D here the pics:

    she weights 5gs that fat bitch! :D

  6. Ok miss june serioiusly kicks ASSSSWS!!! Its so fucking harsch though...i couldnt even finish my joint by myself and i had to take 3 breaks to smoke the whole thing,,,,but now I am sooo high its insane!

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