Miss Grasscity - The RETURN!! 2nd Grow, Flouro/cfls/HPS

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  1. Hi guys and thanks to over 10,000 of you who viewed my first grow..

    Help My first grow with a CUTTING

    Well after a 6-month break we are back BIGGER & Better (hopefully)

    So the first pic shows what i bought, im not sure how old but she was sexed.
    (saved me a lot of time doing it this way)

    So DAY ONE...
    I cleaned out the same type of pplant pot as i used before, and bought some
    Vital Earth Compost Multi Purpose 10ltr from 'wilko' for

    £2.97, it is peat free and is for lime hating plants, it has added bonemeal and feeds plants for upto 6 weeks.
    Then planted her and put her on 18/6 with a few cfls.

    NOW Fast forward to today.......

    I planted her in a BIGGER wardrobe which is white inside (pictures will follow tomorrow)
    and i now have '7 cfls' all 20w each, and a 4 foot T4 strip light with a 40w tube.
    POSITIONED- Strip 18" above her, and 7 cfls dotted around her 360 degrees...

    I have only fed her water apart from day 3 when i gave her a bit of npk 7/7/7.
    I fed her half a litre of water last night, and redid all the wardrobe today.

    The wardrobe is 4 and half ft long and 2 feet deep, and 5 feet high.
    The window is direct by the wardrobe door and leads to a road so can leave open for extra vent.
    She has 1 fan on her and shes not too hot.

    PICTURES are day 1 (5th may), NEXT 2 pics are day 3 (7th may) and the final pics is day 7 (11th may),
    as of tomorrow i will be here every with new updates and pictures.

    Thanks for looking and comms about my light setup would be cool.

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  2. In on this one, welcome back dude :wave: get them lights closer, remember CFLs can't penetrate for shit and your plants look like they're stretching more than is necessary or beneficial. Everything looks good though dude, can't wait to see what you do with round 2. peace man
  3. WELCOME BACK--'jd' <<-- one of my masters from round one...

    Well like i say ive just a few minutes before finally being able to post up, just redone the whole grow space, stay around for 10 mins and i'll go get photos now...:hello:
  4. Was it that stretched when you got the cutting?
  5. yea be good to see how it turns out dude, also tell your guy that gives u clones to get some better lights or get em closer lol, jus messing, they do look stretched but aint exactly a biggy

    still using an HPS to?
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    HERE ARE pictures from well today like 5 minutes ago......

    Welcome back 'millsy'

    And in response - yes she was that strecthed that was how she came,
    and yes i still got the HPS, but am only using the 7 cfls (3-4 inch away) and flouro tube for vegging...

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  7. Heres todays pics, leaves seem slightly droopy?
    dunno if theres anything wrong but shes defo growing..


    as always click pic 3 times for close ups..

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  8. When did you water them last? If you just did, that's why...if you watered them a fair amount of time ago and they still look like that, you may need more/closer light and/or more drainage for the soil.
  9. Hi jd,
    I last watered on tuesday ithink, and it was just half a litre of plain water.
    I oculdnt get the lights any closer, but i have a theory
    --- The lights apart from the strip light above are dotted around her sides low and high, well
    with the lights in them positions the leaves dont need to be flat because the light is at the side so hence no need to 'reach' up.

    Apart from that shes throwing out leaves and pistles and all leaves are nice deep green,
    at the bottom of the soil i have 4 stones in the plant pot so soil couldnt just line the base and get sodden.
    And theres plenty of perlite and shes quite dry.
    Who know eh? but well shes growing and the last couple of days ive been moving her, lights on/off repositioned etc so shes had a bit of commotion..

    Let me know what you think..:)
  10. hows she going dude? also what strain is she do ya know? or did i miss that one lol
  11. Hi millsy,

    Well last nite a cfl fell into her(but it couldnt have been for more than 30-45mins).
    think 1 or 2 leaf ends got a bit scorched.

    Shes still quite a droopy girl, so ive made sure shes cooler, and put some measured ph water into and im not giving nutes.

    She is still throwing out them pistles and new growth - so guess like last time just gotta ride it out, because after extensive research i could find no real answer apart from-
    'overwater, underwatering, too high ph, not enough c02, too hot, too cold, not enough light'

    well im pretty sure ive covered all them so i really dont know why she droops a bit,
    i thought it could be the fact that the main lights are not above her they are around the sides so she doesnt need to 'stretch otu' to get the light???

    who knows?
    i will update pics tomorrow, and thanks for checking in.

  12. hi m8, hope shes going well! i been in hospital lol, are you flowering her yet? saying that how many you got going?
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    Hi folks, and 'millsy' hope ur ok m8.

    Sorry that this second grow log hasnt really 'caught fire' like my last one - but to be honest
    its just a straight forward easy grow.
    (bought plant at 6 weeks old, vegged for 2 weeks)

    All ive done is put her in soil in my trusy green tub and vegged her for 2 weeks and now shes been flowering for 2 weeks.

    She now is a lovely 'round' bush, with loads of new growth appearing constantly, leaves all look good (apart from when a cfl was sitting amongst her leaves for 30mins) but it was only the big 'feeder' leaves damaged thank god (and only 2 leaves!!) talk about lucky.

    Today i have redon my light system and now she has all this--
    "6 - 25w 2700k CFLs" Yep 3 above and 3 around her body..
    "1 - 70w 2700k HPS - Above..
    "1 - 40w 6500k 4 foot strip flourescent (standing up)

    I feed her roughly 1/2 to 1 Litre of PH 5.8 Water (shop bought)
    With 2-3ml of Bio bizzs 'Bio Bloom'
    and this is fed every 2 days, like with any growing after a couple of waters you should know what your plant needs and this beauty aint as thirsty as her sister ''Miss GC'' On my first grow..

    Finally shes on at 12.30pm and goes off at 12.30am..

    No signs of any insects, bugs, or anything like that,
    all leaves and budding and pistils seem perfect with no droopiness and no claw feet.

    Looking forward to WORLD CUP FINAL day when I imagine shes gonna be PERFECT for the picking....!!!!!!

    So thanks to anyone who checks in, sorry for no photos lately (i broke camera (again!!)) but gonna try to get some soon..

    This is 'themasta09' back for 010 - taking an easy ride into summer......

    Peace dudes :wave:

    Oh yeah nearly forgot, well i did forget but now ive remebered so...

    I didnt end up cloning or lst or topping her, because from that first initial week with
    her i could see that she was going to be just basically a 'round' bush - and i didnt want to wreck her in any way..
    So what ive decided to do is 'take the plunge'--
    Im gonna do the next grow from 'seed' (ideally feminized)
    Now my plan is to get some 'lowryder #2' or something 'small' which i could clone,

    so im in uk, leave your tips for where to get what i need..

    Cheers guys..
  14. :wave: looks like you're doing well...curious what your runoff water pH is as of now/lately?

    in regards to your question about seeds, any reason why you're going with LR/autoflowering strains for your next run? There are some decent ones (mdanzig's Blue Streak) comes to mind, and some of them even start to blur the quality line between hybridized and ruderalis strains...but I'd personally rather have the flexibility and quality that is basically guaranteed from a proven indica/sativa/hybrid strain from a quality breeder. I'm partial to the Americans (DJ Short's Flo would render you speechless dude, you'd never want to grow another plant ever again that wasn't that...), Tom Hill, DJS of course, Chimera, etc.

    If you grow 12/12 light cycle from seed, or flip it straight from clone and then aggressively train, you will keep the stature just how it needs to be in order to fit your particular environment man.

    kinda baked right now, I'll come back when I can be more useful :p
  15. sounds like shes doing good, also m8 dont for get if you do go with autoflowering plants you can clone em! there sort of a germ/grow/cut plants, & also they do much better in atleast 18 hours of light so wont do as well if their in with normal plants on a 12/12 cycle, anyway i think lowryder #2 is a nice smoke -grown em in the past- but as JD said there are better autos around now

    ps im good now -came out bad in a fight with 2 guys lol
  16. Hi 'jd & millsy' & fellow GCers,

    Thanks for the tips on seeds jd, I typed your recc into google, 'dj flo' and found a really really good site where seeds are cheap, so gonna defo get some seeds (now im working again thank god)

    So today while im here i'll update - but alas no pics yet.
    Shes growing like mad (the bud sites) all reaching for lights (and bending to get the best light),
    I keep rotating her (twice a day) so she gets equal all over,
    she seems to love the new CFLs I bought - i think im in for a bumper harvest..

    Tonight i fed her 5ml bio bloom in about 1.25 litres, her soil was nice a dry (crumbly),
    some water has gone gone through into overspill, so wont feed her for another 2-3 days,
    I gave her a bit extra tonight and extra bio bloom, because obviously since finally getting the perfect CFLs she appears to have really got going, (i love this part of a grow when you can see changes in your plant every 8 hours or so)

    Shes still 100% bug free (well aint see anything so far)
    and there is ZERO smell in the rest of the house - which is due to where shes placed, (next to a large open window that opens to a field- with the wardrobe door open at an angle that 'pushes' the hot air out but lets the cooler air waft in) - who needs extractors!! lol.

    So thats about it guys, im just upgrading my PC at the mo, so thats cool.
    Now my pc is:-
    Asrock P41333-650 Mobo
    Asus ATI 3850 X 2 1024mb
    Elixcir 2 X 2gig DDr3
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
    1000w Psu
    AOC 22" LCD 1080p
    Samsung 20x DVD Writer
    3D surround sound Headphones (hearing is beleiving)
    & MY Trusty old XBOX 360 Pad (still the best pad for pc gaming)
    & I run 'NASA' Windows XP 32bit
    & Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit..

    Cheers guys:hello:

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