Misinformed Marijuana Purchase

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    Catchy title right? Anyways this is a pretty short story, one of my 'friends' (he's sortof a dick) decided he wanted to purchase some good old greenery. The idea popped into his head that one of my other friends, just because he smoked and popped the occasional pill (maybe because he's black too)<------{this is not meant to be racist, just trying to convey my friend is a dick}, grew/dealt marijuana. Not that big of an assumption. What happened next is what made him so stupid. He asked for a cut, my friend gave him a big old bag of.... oregano.... He must have smelled it but somehow didn't know it wasn't weed. He even went as far as to go hang out with some other people and smoke it up. The noticed right away but still didn't say anything. To this day he still doesn't know.:D
  2. cool story bro
  3. Who me?
  4. he pops pills because he's black? whoever would say that is a dickhead
  5. I'm not saying it that way, it was two seperate things, he is known to experiment with different types of drugs. When I mentioned he was black I was attempting to make reference to the fact that my friend is a dick. I meant no offenses and nothing stereotypical. I have nothing against any race or religion or culture (except rednecks)
  6. What does being black have anything to do with drugs, every race has someone, whether it be the majority or minority that does drugs.
    Being a dick to a dick, yea that makes it ok?:confused:
  7. I never said it did, just that he believed that in his dickishness emphasizing the point he is a dick. I really did not intend at all to offend anyone, besides it wasn't me who gave him oregano.

    Trust me, if you knew the kid you would enjoy this small revenge for his dickishness, he is a compulsive liar, tries to be a redneck, and only smokes to look cool, not to mention he is pretty racist. He will make comments close to the people he is poking fun at and is very embarassing to hang out with.

    I am truly sorry to anybody offended by that, I see how it looks and did not intend to be a douche.
  8. kay your friend is a dick

    and you are semi-racist or racist and dont know

    lol jokes.
  9. Every one is a little bit racist inherently due to the world we live in; IE Say a friend is talking to you, without noticing he/she will mention race when recalling recent events. Most people will say something like a [insert different race] person got hit by a bus. If it is their own race they will probably just say 'person'. Why do we need to even mention the race?

    If you remember that ^^ you will hear it all the time.
  10. "every one is racist"

    thats just a excuse to try and cover up your own predjudice against others. i am not racist what so ever....i hate when people use that "everyone is racist" bullshit to try and cover up there own guilty conscience.
  11. I'll admit I may be a little bit more racist than others but what I said is true. I bet you have said it. I have no guilty conscience I'm just trying to be chill and have a good time, not trying to harsh any mellows here.

    And if saying that isn't racist then what is it?

    Humans are truly inherently racist, there are even evolutionary reasons for it. The reason is we found our own race more appealing to ensure that our race is bred best suited for the area they lived and way they lived.

    Even Babies Discriminate: A NurtureShock Excerpt. - The Daily Beast
    Race matters to 3-month-olds, study finds
    CNN Study Shows That Children Are Racist | The Urban Daily
  12. I don't get what everyone is bitching about. It may not have been the best story but if you read it correctly, OP says nothing racist.

    I've seen the same thing happen, OP. Kid never knew it was oregano, even called the "dealer" back to tell him how high he got.
  13. Thank you, everybody seems really harsh tonight...
  14. Ah, it happens. Some people have nothing better to do on a sunday night than insult people they've never met.
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    discriminating since birth due to evolutionary reasons is different from being racist....

    babies dont KNOW any better, its not like their intellegent enough to know that when you get to know another human being, there skin color really means nothing. thats why eventually we all grow out of it, and see what things about a person really matter.

    and if your raised in a way that re-enforces that underlying evolutionary discrimination trait, then you will grow up to hate people primaraly because of there skin color which is wrong..

    im not trying to argue or stir anything up i was just saying earlier that when you say that "everyone" is racist, its a totally wrong and skewed veiw of everyone elses outlooks. like you were saying, id rather just sit back and chill and have a good time, so on that note i am going to go smoke some good weed, peace! :smoke:
  16. You're buddy is the oregano faggot
  17. You cant 'grow out of' evolutionary traits, there will alway be a part of your mind that retains those traits until they are completely evolved out of. peace yo
  18. Every one stop bitching like a little girl! Good night and have a pleasant tomarrow.
  19. not to pile on, but the story could of been told without those particular references. however you seem to acknowledge that..... are you in the south by any chance?

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