Misfit's 2004 Outdoor Bagseed Grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Misfit, May 6, 2004.

  1. Thats right. 2 nights ago i put the seeds into a moist paper towl and to my susprise i got a nice tap root on my first seed. im putting it in some soil as we speak.

    my goal is to have a min of 15 plants outside. in western pa it rains enough so watering wolnt be a problem too much. w00t!

    this grow is for all of yall who still live at home and your parents either dont want you to smoke or dont want you to.
  2. kinda late in the year to be starting but gl.

  3. ther'll still grow and still flower. ok they wont be 6foot monsters unless we have a cracking summer but hell a 3 or 4 foot plant is still ok and a lot easer to hide.
  4. well i am in a cold part of pa. last night the low was 39 so its not too late here. i dont want 6 ft plants because trying to hide them is alot eaiser when your only dealing with 5 ft brush.
  5. i germ'ed 2 weeks ago and im north of u.

    i put out my plants at the late part of may or june 1.
  6. being north or south doesnt really matter too much. i live in a valley next to a river so its quite cold here in the spring. anyways 2 weeks isnt gonna make a difference too much.

    14 more seeds shot their tap root out yesterday so i have 15 seeds in dirt right now.

    went out last night bought some dirt for my babies. finally got to bed at 5 am and my mom woke me up at 10. she didnt get to bed till 2 am so i wasnt able to get started working till 2:30.
  7. checked my seeds in the paper towl and another 10 shot out the tap root
  8. here in Cali, its a couple months back......but i dont know bout the East......
  9. I'm in wisconsin... Just germed planting in 2 days
  10. 37 seeds germinated and planted
  11. 7 Seeds are going to be grown indoor we decided.
  12. 2 babies just broke the surface
  13. yeah im east of u there in pa. the only thing that sucks about this area is we have like 6 million deer, how u gonna deal with em. last year i didnt have a problembut this year theres all kinda things eating my sprouts and the deer love em when they get big n bushy
  14. theres a certin kinda of chemical that they sell at the garden stores that make deer go away
  15. 15 seedlings are under the light right now. gotta run out and get some better lights. seedlings are streaching a bit now.
  16. moved all the babies outside and they are lovein it.
  17. 3 died so far and bugs and slugs are becomming a problem. im gettin worried. i'll try to get some pics soon
  18. it seems that rabbits like to eat my plants. they ate all but 2 this year is looking slim for outdoor
  19. hm, sad story, i must say.
    u should try putting them somewhere the animals cant get to, like a mountain, or somewhere like that.
  20. then how would i get there if animals cant? and this is the first animal ive ever seen there. its between the train tracks and the river so its not the best place for animals

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