Misdiagnocing Hermie Plants

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  1. I popped a pack of the DNA GENETICS lemon og AKA presidential OG FEMS and 4-5 pick and mix each of the reserva OG and OG#18 and headband (FEMS). I had nothing but hermies from those packs. I then got the attitude DNA Reserva Promo from the end of last year and had the same results. At the same time and place I had some freebies from the attitude (FEMS) and they grew out just fine. Actually they grew out FIRE. I blamed it on light leaks, possibly from my fans LED's and trimming with in the first 2 weeks of flower. So i made triple sure no light leaks no led lights from fans on or things like that. No trimming.

    The PAST Hermies I killed by the 3 week or so. I did notice small hermie seed pods on them and by the 3rd week there was not much white pistol growth and more little pods apprearing almost banana like . After hours of investigating on the net and RIU I decided they were hermies and tossed them. I nave never had a male just a lot females and clones until know. SO i knew right away the growth looked different from what I had been used to.

    This last go round I popped 2 OG raskal wifi (FEMS) and 2 og raskal Fire OG (REG) along with other various free attitude FEM seeds. I am seeing the same characteristics in the og raskal's as i did in the DNA and Resrva hermies. I see some growth that looks like very very small seed pods, but I also see white hairs starting to from from some. I am hoping they are just swollen calyxes and will give more white pistols. the four OG RASKALS plants are in 2 and 3 week of flower and they barely started showing sex late into the 2nd week and early 3rd week. I tossed one of the fire OG REGS but know I am thinking I may had jumped the gun and waited it out a bit more. I might be misdiagnosing the plants and not letting the develop out. I don't want to let them go too far and possible pollinate the others. I find it real wierd the tude freebies (FEMS) all have made it and harvested awesome bud, in all 3 cases, right along the RESERVA"S AND DNA"S I posted a pic off the net that looks similar to what I have been seeing on my so called hermies. Any input would be great on the matter. Sorry for the long post.

    Temps are 18/6 79on 70-71 off
    12/12 78 on 69-70 OFF


  2. pics would help. if they do herm, and its late flower, you can usually finish before the pods open. To buy some time, you can get a tweezers and gently remove the nanners and drop em in a glass of water to kill any viable pollen before it gets loose <-- you have to be vigilant and inspect frequently 
  3. thanks for the repy good to know. I havent had any hermie that late into flower " knock on wood"  PEACE!!
  4. man i love the og 18 i also got the freebies, i believe dna and reserva is the same company. i havent had a problem with any of there gentics but it seems funny the freebies are always the bomb i have headband and og growing now. hopeing not to have problems good luck wiht ur grow
  5. thanks for the replys.  I was  hoping that I was misdiagnocing them but at the end they were all hermies. I've been told to  pluck the little seed pollen pods when i see them. That seems just fine but why pay so much for the seeds when u have to do that. 
  6. Next time I am going to clone them b4 flower. That way with my luck ill proably get all hermies again but hopefully one will be cool and ill have cuttings off it.  If that makes any sense PEACE!!!! 
    PS I will give reserva dna and raskel og another try!!!

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