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Misconseptions About Stem Tea/THC solubility

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Potentcy, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Hey everyone!

    Time and time again I hear people talking about making stem tea. I would just like to clear up some incorrect information that I keep hearing people talk about.

    Fact: You cannot get high by drinking stem/weed tea
    unless you add cream/milk

    The main active chemical in Marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) simply IS NOT WATER SOLUBLE. THC however is soluble in lipids (fat) or alcohol.
    The only reason why bubblebags (a method used to produce hashish) work is because THC does not dissolve in water.

    Is that why byproducts of THC stay detectable in urine for approximately 30 days?

    Correct. If THC were water soluble, it's time frame for detection would only last 3-4 days like hard drugs such as meth, heroin, mdma, ect (all water soluble)
    NOTE: drinking lost of water to pass a drug test for marijuana utilizes DILUTION, not DISSOLUTION.

    THC + Water will not create a Solution
    THC + Water will create a Emulsion

    Emulsion: A suspension of small globules of one liquid in a second liquid with which the first will not mix: an emulsion of oil in vinegar.

    This is why some (very little) amount of THC are lost when using a water pipe such as a bong. Although the THC is lost in the water, it does not create a solution, it creates a emulsion

    If you wish to make something similar to stem tea (only that will actually get you high) you need to use fat, example: milk OR alcohol example: anything containing alcohol (higher the better)

    Hope this clears up any myths that you guys have heard, keep on tokin' :smoke:

    edit: After reading a couple post below, I must say, I have never read a recipe for stem tea which included cream. Then again, I am new here (hence the 8 posts atm)
  2. Weed tea has milk in it.
  3. weed tea has milk and creamers high in fat in them.
  4. Nice educated post you know what + rep anyways .
  5. I think looking up the ingredients of Weed Tea before posting this should have been essential.

  6. pwnt.
  7. rock on...somebody paid attention during chem class!

    but as others have chimed in, weed tea works cause of the cream
  8. I can understand why the OP created this thread. He said that it would only work if it had milk or cream in it. I've seen lots examples of people saying that they drink tea made simply by boiling the stems. This is a good thread.

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