Mischief your pets have gotten into?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Deer Dance, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. So I was walking my dogs the other day around the park, and we ran into our neighbor and her little girl. The little girl comes over and pets the dogs and this is what she does everytime we are out in the park. My mom talks to the woman for a while and we go on our way. On our way back our cockerspaniel who doesnt need a leash ran to our house (or so we thought). Next thing we know the little girl comes running outside and said "YOUR DOG JUST ATE OUR HAMBURGERS!" Our dog went into there fenced in backyard and ate the raw hamburger patties off of the plate by the grill. Me and my mom felt so bad. When we got inside I couldnt help but laugh my ass off. Damn dog lol but I love her so its hard to be mad at her.
  2. the other day my dog ate the piece of paper I had a family recipe written down on...love my dog though.
  3. when left outside she decides to jump the fence and go play with the neighbors dogs and then hang out in their house going in through their dog door luckily they like her a lot so I just go get her when I get back and realize shes not in back.

    also when at my parents with her if we put her out while we are eating and she doesn't want to be outside shell jump the fence in the front of the house and go in the garage and open the door and just waltz in the house.
  4. My puppy gets into all kinds of mischief! I wonder what Little Mac is doing down stairs right now...
  5. one day i was fiddling with my phone my pitbull was layin across my feet chewing on what i thought was one of his toys so i didnt pay him any mind then about 15-20 mins later i look down and see him chewing on my laces to my shoes THAT WHERE ON MY FEET and when i shooed him away my laces where basically string and they where to my $220 pine green foamposites i was mad as shit for like 30 seconds untill he came back with the puppy dog face
  6. One time my dog stole my quesadilla.

    I think.
  7. My dog has been getting on my bed recently and sleeping there while im at work.

    I get back home and see his ass passed out on there and im like...

    You mother fucker.
  8. My boxer is a BITCH
    But shes so lovable,
    She thinks shes alpha around the house and
    decides to piss on things in the most random locations like,
    my backpack, peoples shoes, and one time on my stash jar.
    I don't get how to stop her from doing this..
  9. my prairie dog chews my stuff, runs around everywhere almost got into a fight with my dogs. he likes weed though because everytime im reeking he wont leave me alone :)

  10. You own a prairie dog?
  11. When I was living at home I had just purchased a OZ for 200 bones, I had it in my bed and I went to Home Depot with my mom, neeedless to say the dog went into my room and dragged the weed into the living room where my moms BF found it. I dont believe the story but he says that is what happened. I lost my 200 bucks :(
  12. yeah! his name is pedro. its really a great pet to have. theyre a little difficult when you first get them, but after they never want to leave your side haha

  13. Thats so awesome!:D
    I would domesticate a prairie dog if I could find one.
  14. yeah man I got him from a exotic animal pet store aha, they have crazy ass pets there like ring tailed lemurs and shit. but yeah probably the best stoner pet minus the sharp ass nails

  15. Does he ever try to attack you?
  16. Aww dang man I totally know what your talking about, sometimes there jsut too damn adorable to get pissed at. Like my dog Copper he's a 3 year old Springer Spaniel. He chewed up my headphones and my MP3 player. I didn't hit him and I din't even yell at him. He's too cute to be pissed at. His personality is fucking awesome. He loves humans and chills with me and my friends while we toke, but he isn't an attention needy mother fucker , Copper just lies there chill but always follows us outside or sits on the couch with us.:hello:
  17. My cat left a dead rat under my bed once.
  18. lol does he bring dead birds to your doorstep too?
  19. mostly no, unless i start poking him or something :p but when i first got him he bit alot. one time he bit me and his teeth dragged from the highest knuckle line on my index finger to the middle line lol that was painful.

  20. No she doesn't kill anymore.

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