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  1. [SIZE=12pt]Escuchénme. Esto noche es muy importante para mi familia.  Cuándo mis abuelas llegan a mi cuarto, no dicen nada. My compañero de cuarto sabe mi secreto y voy a matarlo. Ay, solomente un chiste. Pero este es muy importante, ¿que ideas tienen ustedes?[/SIZE]

  2. La abuela tiene que acercarse a la compañera de cuarto. Puede aprender sus secretos con un enfoque apasionado. La muerte puede ser el único aswer, pero prueba este primero. :smoke:
  3. I smell Google Translator.Mi consejo,fuma marihuana con tu abuela.
  4. Not gunna lie.. I live in Souther California. And it bugs the shit out of me when someone cant/wont speak english.
    Not banging on you OP. Just when i see spanish characters i think of all the times ive driven down main street in the greater LA and might as well have been driving down a road in fuckin china cause i couldnt understand anything. 
  5. pinche gringos
  6. Just don't tell your grandma.. but either way, what is the big deal about you sucking off your roommate? 
  7. Ich sehe Ihre wichtigen Familie und erhöhen Sie zwanzig.
    Fuck yeah, I could survive in Germany...Now watch a German come in here and tell me I'm off, well, you can understand it can't you?!
    Zwei Bier, bitte! :cool:
    When you live in Southern Cali, you either learn Espanol or GTFO ;]
  9. [quote name="Ẅest Čoast" post="19467561" timestamp="1391572560"]When you live in Southern Cali, you either learn Espanol or GTFO ;][/quote]Lol I took Chinese freshmen year cause I was a jackass then.. And then I stopped learning languages in school and ya.. Need to learn Spanish
  10. No entirmdo, para que/de que quieres consejos??
  11. It's worse in Miami. The cubans EXPECT you to speak spanish and are shocked/appalled when you can't. Not all of them, but plenty enough to make it become extremely nerve-racking. 
  12. This guy has been posting Spanish shit all day

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