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  1. I have found a big mirror. Is there any point me putting it under the young ladies to reflect light back up, or is that a pointless waste of my time. Also anyone in the uk know best places to buy cheapy HPS. I'm already a bit bored of my flouros and want some real power. Oh and another thing, totally separate really, can anyone recommend some good Jazz. I have all the famous stuff. Peace
  2. hehe for a minute there I thought you were referring to looking up girl's dresses
  3. heh me too- And yes, it is worth your time. The girl thing, that is....... I dunno about the plant.
  4. Yes it will be wasted effort...

  5. Hey bish, yeah mirrors are a waste of time, they actually absorb a lot of light.

    Cheepie HPS -
    www.ebay.com (do a search for HPS)

    I dunno whick of the "famous" ones you have, but here are a few of my faves...
    ~"The Essential Miles Davis" - new 2 disc set - awesome, of course.
    ~John Coltrane, "A Love Supreme" - an incredible work, in only 4 songs.
    ~~Dave Brubeck, "Time Out" - no vocals, just straight genius - this one is A MUST HAVE! There's also a greatest hits which is awesome too.
    ~George Benson, "Breezin' - I know, not that cool , but my dad's a jazz musician and he got me hooked on this album when I was a kid. Very tight.
    ~Blue Note (the label) has a 2 cd set called "The Blue Note Years : The Jazz Message". Ha! Bet ya never heard of that one! Go get it. Spans from 1955 - 1960. Mind-blowing.

    These 2 aren't really "jazz", but...
    ~~St. Germain, "Tourist" - I dunno what they're actually classified as, but it's...ummm...damn, I'm outta adjectives. Just go get it, it's another must have. It might be kinda hard to find, but keep looking. It's well worth it. I promise.
    ~Beastie Boys, "The In Sound From Way Out" - Not rap, it's instrumental, surprisingly jazzy, super mellow. Cheap, too. Give it a shot.

    And pretty much anything on the Verve or Blue Note labels is good stuff.

    Dave Brubeck and St. Germain are 2 discs I don't think I could live without. If you don't have 'em, go get 'em.

  6. Thanks a lot for that, Jaybone. I'll get my letter sent off to Santa.
  7. No sweat, brother. Good luck with Santa....

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