Miricale Grow Organic Blood Meal?

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  1. I had a buddy of mine bring over some blood meal with a 15-0-0 NPK. I was wondering has any1 used this before and if this will work for my plants. It says to feed only every 2 months. I was kinda wondering if i could cut that in half and feed ever month. Thanks for ur time.:wave:
  2. The problem is that MG stuff is usually always time realeased and when you start feeding with it you tend to burn your plants since you have a buiold up of time relased nutes. I say try to make a tea out of it. Boil some water and pour it into a jar with 1/2 recomended doasage of blood meal. Shake it a couple of times to disolve as much as you can and then let it settle for a couple minutes. Disolve as much as you can in the water and use only the tea part and none of the stuff that settles at the bottom sine that is usually all the time released nutes. Check on your plant frequently to see how it reacts. I suggest using other disolvable non time release nutes for organic growing though unless you prep the soiil beforehand with this MG stuff.
  3. This is just pure blood meal. There is no time releasing nutes in it. Just curious if any1 has used it an had any good luck w/ it.
  4. Yes. I work fine it is not time released in the traditional sense. Cut it 1/4 the recommend dosage. Be care with blood meal. I cant think off hand what the soluble nitrogen is but is very high. So go very easy it. Some people say that either use it as a top dressing. I prefer to use it mixed into the soil. But bloodmeal is good. No matter who manufactored it dried blood is dried blood.

    Keep burning
  5. I think blood meal is typically 12 or 13-0-0. High in nitrogen and releases over quite a long time.
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    bloodmeal is dirty shit. slaughterhouse byproduct no thanks. cruel, barbaric, uncivilized.

  7. Grow a pair of balls....and dont tell me ur a vegetarian.

  8. lol

    I use that blood meal and it seems to be working fine. People will often mistake it as time released because its made by MG but they don't realize MG makes organics now. I say use it.

  9. Ya i started using it last week and i can already tell its working. The leaves are the MJ green that we all live for. Im glad that MG has went organic...kinda hard sometimes to find all these "special ingredients" w/out buying it online.
  10. i use vigoro blood meal and miracle grow bone meal.

    but i stopped using blood meal all together this year because
    my bone meal has nitrogen in it also.

    i mix the bone meal with water in a large jug.
    shake it for a few minutes. and water my plants with it.
    i do this once a week. i never burned my plants

  11. How much do u use and what size jug? I have heard ppl using half of what the recommended use was.
  12. i get a envelope.
    and pour bone meal from one end to the other. so it looks like a oversized line of cokaine.
    then i get one of those large water chugs that are about a foot tall and about 6-7 inches wide.
    fill it with water to the top. pour in the meal. shake it up and pour in the plants.

    ill try to get pics.

    since i only do it once a week its ok to use more meal in the water mix because after i give it the weekly meal i just use regular water until next meal.

    then when the plants are budding i make a new kind of meal.
    with shultz african violet drops.

    i put 6-7 drops in a large water chug and water them with it also weekly.

    shit has worked wonders for me in the past few years
  13. I used it when I was building my soiless mix this year and used as a top dressing and in a "tea" last year. It works well but be careful because it works so fast that its not like traditional organics. In other words, it will burn yo shit... 1/2 strength IMO.

  14. bone meal is better. it has nitrogen and phosphorus.

    blood meal is cool if you are using something else for P and wanna use bloodmeal as N
  15. Currently I'm using a mix of MG Organic Choice, Perlite, Bone Meal & Blood meal. My girls been in that mixture since day 7 (now on day 16) and shes really healthy. In fact shes growing so fast its noticeable by the hour.

    No nute burns, nothing... I highly recommend using the Blood meal.

    but I mix the Blood/Bone meal within the top 2-4" of soil only
  16. according to Lowes the MG Organics Blood Meal 12-0-0 is a time release fert. and they say the same for the MG Organics Bone Meal which is 6-9-0.

    Miracle-Gro at Lowe's: 3 Lb. Bone Meal

    i think i'll try some of the bone meal
  17. Never thought this topic would make it to 2 pages. But I have now been giving them a tea once a week. Really i havent had to water them w/ all this rain we have been gettin in my area. They are really jumping with all this humid weather and rain. Thanks all for ur imput....smoke in prosper my fellow blades!!!

  18. so you saying you prefer salt solids that kill fish and innocent animals that the waste water or dump off as we call it, better then what all life comes from who cares if its a by product off a slaughter house we have slaughter and ate animals since the beginning off time what better way to use the byproducts of other then gardening i think i prefer nature over man made chemicals anyday stay organic and stay green
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    You realize your responding to a post made over two years ago, yeah?

    By the way if you want to be read and taken seriously, learn to use punctuation and grammar. It really helps to make it easier for other folks to read. and understand what you are saying.

    Personally, I'm confused as how you thing the poster you quoted is supporting chemical salt fertilizing with his statement? There are plenty of healthy, organic options to blood meal.

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