Mirical Grow and pot Don't get along.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by 420freedme, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Mirical Grow, IMHO&Exp, is just bad for weed.

    Read up on Urea used in this product. It releases ammonia after being wet to qroduce the N it\'s makeing. Pot needs ammonia on a minute scale. Everytime you nute w/ MG you\'re zapping them w/ammonia. This is not good.

    I to like cheap, but not at the cost of my babies.

  2. Well, that\'s like your opinion man....

    I use the Miracle grow fert that GG recommends, and my plants are doing great.
    Once he set me straight on some things I was screwing up on, and told me what fert to use, and how to use it, I now have nice green plants that are thriving.

    I endorse the MG fert that GG recommends. This fool is full of shit.

    Ban me fuckers, I don\'t care. This place is crap now that this moron is here and GG got banned.... You people obviously don\'t give a fuck about plants or helping growers, and letting this idiot run amok here is proof of that.
  3. somebody\'s dealer didn\'t pull through today...
  4. HA. THE DUDE is a sweet grower!
  5. GangaGuru got banned? What happened? MG Fertilizer is fine, it\'s the soils that suck. Dier recommends feeding them urea in veg. It is like 20-0-0 so very high in N.

  6. He said it was his opinion. Everyone has one, even you. GG was temporarily banned. He was asked to chill with the disrespect and name-calling and he chose to continue.

    You just disrespected someone and called the Mod team \"fuckers\" which could get you banned as you asked to be. However, this is a warning. I suggest you not put all of your faith in just one person. To think that things have gone to \"crap\" because one member hasn\'t posted in a week is rather sad.
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