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  1. i am new to growing and i am growing a plant in cup of water :) mixed with a little good old black soil and today i put some mircale grow in there. i heard, after i put it in, that it can kill me if i smoke it now. i was wondering if that was true or not? iplan on moving it in a pot of soil pretty soon, so i need to know if i should just throw it away if i cant smoke it lol
  2. it won't kill you, people use mircale-gro on shit they eat, but i know theres better ferts out there you could use. It might make it taste diffrent. but i'm blank minded right now so somebody else can post now and give you a real answer
  3. alright. well to tell you about my plant, i only got one. i twas out side now i moved it inside for a few weeks. then i plan on movin it back out. 2nd or 3rd nod i think, somewhere in there.
  4. i just moved my plant outside abotu a hour ago, now it is pouring rain. is that bad thing?
  5. the rain shouldn't hurt it, if its still really small it might fail over but you can always put a straw or something around the stem. I don't really worry about plants when there small, i figure its only going to take a few days to start a few more. I always start out with 5 or so plants if i want to end up with one good one. Do you have a digital cam, because that would really help us out. I have a cam but the batterys are out, but after i get new ones i'll post pics of my outdoor grow.
  6. i got one somewhere around the house. when i find it, i will post yah some pictures.
  7. No chem ferts of any kind are good to inhale/consume,and tastes terrible,this is why growers use no ferts/water only the last 2 weeks before harvest.

    Try shultz fert products,or rapid gro,,they are much better than miracle grow..

  8. k, i will rember that when i harvest.

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