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  1. Pics will be up soon, but I had 3 plants about 1 week old in the ground. We had 3 days of violent storms and the 2 i expected to die, died. Anyways I germed one more seed... and put it straight into the ground. The tap root was an inch long because I forgot it (too stoned) anyways I planted it... and the next day it went from 70 and Sunny (forecasted) to 75 and SEVERE thunderstorms. To say the least, the spot where I planted my germed seed was DESTROYED, and I searched to see if the sprout was still alive... but it was gone. This was a week ago, yesterday i found it in a pile of dirt next to the old spot! sitting on top! and it grew the cotylions( cant spell it ) plus its first set of leaves! LOL! I threw it in a pot with my other survivor from last week( which is doing great :D ) and now its actually standing straight! and it got a little taller! HOLY SHIT!

    I don't really care if you don't care, I just thought i'd share this with you guys :smoke:
  2. Haha sounds exactly like my situation! I put them out there, thinking things would go smoothly. My babies got smashed by consistent thunder storms and after 3 weeks of minimal growth, I'v just transplanted to pots. I hope your ghetto gorilla grow does better than mine!
  3. Hence why im keeping it in side for the first month, there just babies one good cfl and tinford is all u need man.. all ya need haha

  4. Im growing bag seed, I have tonnes of seeds, Im good :D

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