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  1. has ne one ever thought of using miracle grow when they are growing there plants i mean if u add it to ur flowers or vegitables when growing them it should work
    i just wanna knwo cuz i have like 3 cases of it


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  2. no it has too many ferts in it........Peace out......Sid
  3. actually a couple or 3 times and he has a perfect batch every time but I can't guarrantee as I haven't used it myself

    personally using hydro

    good luck!!

  4. i've grown once with it, and had success but only after running into a lot of problems first like overfert, even after being flushed as it holds the ferts in well.....but if it's all you've got then if you have to...use it........Peace out.......Sid
  5. just add 30% more water to the mix to dilute and only use like once a week .....then rotate with reg. water.....working fine for me!.....my miracle grow is 10 20 10........just dont go fert crazy....take the time to get good soil and it wont be a prob.

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