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  1. how much would u mix per gallon for flowering plants? there about 2 weeks from 12/12 1 week since i saw pistils. i dont really want to buy foxfarms big bloom. the miracle grow box says 1 tsp for indoor plants 1 tablespoon for large plants. i was thinking of using 1 teaspoon. i know youre going to tell me to feed till i see burn but any advice?
  2. no i would not recomend going till you see burn,if it is in soil you should use half the recomended dosage.
  3. I used MG bloombuster once and only 1/4 of the recommended dose and killed all of mine. Start with 1/8 of the dose and go from there. give it a little water first and then a little of the MG.
  4. I use the MG Bloom Booster along with FF Big Bloom together.. Most ive been able to feed my girls is about a 1.5 cap full of FF and 2 teaspoons of MG per gallon.. My girls are 3 gallon pots.. Anything more than that started to show some slight burns on the tips.. Nothing serious.. But i got to that point by adding a little more each water..

    My MG Grow - http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-marijuana-growing/670764-mg-2x150w-hps-closet-grow.html

    I also use the MG Organic Garden Soil..

    FYI, that MG Bloom Booster sure increases trich production on my girls..

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