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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lilbilly, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. what's happenin all? when i turned my lights back i started giving my plants miracle grow bloom booster (10-52-10). i was reading the thread on flavoring and was wondering if the miracle grow is going to have any negative side effects. i use it every 7 to 10 days, should i stop. later...
  2. why would you want to stop?...you only stop using fert approx 2 weeks before harvest....i use miricle grow and it works fine....Peace out...Sid
  3. i wasn't sure if the fert would make it taste bad or harsh. i'll stop soon then. hopefully it won't be long. i'm having trouble judging how much longer.been 36 days. i took some pics with web cam but they weren't clear. hopefully have camera soon.later.
  4. most plants will take approx 8-10 weeks to flower, however soemcan ready as early as 6 and as late as 14, i feed until approx 7 days before harvest, it works o.k. for me.....man why is head turning blue....lol....Peace out...Sid
  5. ive noticed when i use miracle grow on some plants it affects the the taste no matter how long before you stop it before it starts to flower. I recomend bat guano, or sea kelp, or even horse or cow manure..
  6. i think i'd rather taste miracle grow instead of bat shit...lol... just kidding. i heard it takes longer for sensimila to bloom, is that true.
  7. I always thought sensimila meant seedless weed.
  8. I've used miracle grow. Just stop using two weeks before.
  9. does the bloom booster actually help with yield??? and if it does.. when do you start using it on the plant?
  10. The first week of flowering following a water, water, fert schedule I used the vegging fert with 1/4 strength and the following fert at 1/4 together. Keep in mind that less is always more.
  11. sensimelia is usually grown in a warm climate where the seasons dont affect the grow cycle... soo yes sinesimelia does take longer to flower then say some strands of indca but it is a weed so there can be exceptions...

  12. it is seedless i pulled the male out of there. so it shouldn't have any seeds in the buds...right?
  13. as long as no pollen got to the female buds before you took the pollen producing bastard outa there.. yes. all of the buds should be seedless.

    also, the definition of sinsemilla:

    "seedless cannabis flowers produced by the removal of male plants prior to any pollination."


    Peace Out
  14. sweet.....later.....

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