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Miracle grow.....

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by kaydrew, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. So far I've been using MG for my outdoor plants. Seems to work great big and green. I've just started flowering and have given 2 MG feedings with bloom booster. I see great results so far. Should I switch to organic so I don't get a Chem taste, or will a 2 week flush get rid of taste?

    its better to have weed and no money, then it is to have money and no weed.

  2. "chem taste" might just be a anti chem fairytale.
    I used maxsea last year it's "chem" and everyone that tried it liked it.

    That said if it's the time release miracle grow a 2 week flush will not help.
    Throw in some sugar and molases every feed for taste.
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    You like bud with a bunch of fertilizer in it?
  4. Chemically grown buds are far less superior to true organics. I can tell the difference easily andmost chemicals cant be flushed. Cant switch to organics either mid grow doesnt work that way. Start off doing organics next time and stick with and watch supernatural results without any phing or bottled nutes. Just let nature do the hard work. I dont have a 12 foot by 14 foot monster plant for nothing ;) proof is in the pudding
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    Your body will thank you as well. Taste and smell from organically grown is also much better then chemical grown buds. Leave the miracle grow to the mexicans growing in the woods illegally. They just care about one thing greed. I do this to help other patients andimprove peoples quality oflife. I cannot in my right mind knowingly poison sick people cause I wanted to use chemical garbage on myplants its just wrong. Have to have a higher standard with medical grade.

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