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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ac20, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Im germinating some bag seed from some of the best mid I've ever smoked im low on funds n I live down the street from a walmart......they have a good marked down price on miracle grow soil and products I was wondering should I use the potting soil mix that says it feeds plants for up to 6months or should I go with their organic soil....also I saw one of there other products its a bloom booster u mix it with water.....a friend told me if I get the potting soil mix n the bloom booster ill over kill the plants.....bt if I get the organic ill b alright.....I was wondering ur guys opinions......ill take all the help I can get
  2. Preferably not. Soils with time release nutes in it can cause PH problems. The organic might be a better choice but sooner or later your gonna need to feed the plant some nutes.
  3. They are both crappy soil. Get a bunch of perlite if using either.
  4. You can use the organic choice soil, just mix Epsom salt which you can also get at Walmart for like 89 cents into the soil as soon as you wish.
  5. Will the epsom salt make it better because like I said I ws jst goin to get some bloom.booster n mix it with water n spray it once a week with that
  6. The Epsom salt will make up for the calcium/magnesium deficiency that will show in the stages of flowering. It's just an amendment but I wouldn't rely solely on that to say your 100 percent ok. You can use the bloom booster just don't spray when flowering, give it straight to the soil with water.
  7. Thnx bra only use it during veg.....I mean its only bag seed n its my first grow so if things dnt turn out tht well it'll b a learning experience......I was goin ta order sum auto's bt then I jst decided tht if I fuck up the grow it'll b a waist of money......n the seeds I get frm the weed I buy is basically free........hopefully everything goes well

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