Miracle grow??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cpip333, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. I have no way of getting anything better. Is it ok to grow with. It's the best thing I can find
  2. I'm sure you know its not the best, but it will grow. :)
  3. Yes it will definitely grow but as you probly know it is not recommended. If you can add some perlite (about 35% perlite 65% soil)because mg has horrible drainage properties
  4. If your using miracle grow get the moisture control kind . I DO NOT recommend MG at all but if you have no other motive I suggest that. My friend/neighbor used it on his stuff. But again if you can get something else get it. I just picked up some Botanicare Ready Grow and it's working out great so far :)

    Also have you tried ordering soil online?
  5. Yea online is the way to go. I just got a bag of fox farms ocean forest and a pound bag of perlite for 35 bucks on ebay including shipping
  6. Or you can go to local hydro store or agro store and pick up a bag of peat moss, perlite, and worm castings. One part each. Cheaper by the cubic ft, and a lot better than MG
  7. Just go for it dude, if its all you can get, the whole experience is gonna be worth the experience.
  8. i cannot honestly recommend MG products of any kind, they burn plants to the ground.
    get some real soil off the web if you cannot find a local store carrying it. as many have already mentioned fox farms ocean forest is a great pick, its what i personally use and its greatest plus is taking the guess work out of soil mixes and nuting during veg growth.

    if you absolutely must go with a MG soil pick up a bag of dolomite lime, they carry it at every homedepot, it will stabilize your soils PH at around 7.0 or close to that. 1 cup pellet dolomite lime per gallon of soil is the ratio i use. also get perlite to add to the soil.
  9. MG organic choice potting soil <~get this. Not "feeds for 6 months" not "moisture control", not "garden soil". Mix in perlite, dolomite lime (½ cup per bag), and wormcastings.
  10. How long should I wait before using nutes if I'm using mg organic perlite and worm castings. Also adding lime. Just wondering on length before using nutes
  11. I'm actually using miracle grow for mine and it's thriving so far. Its only been about a week. This is the third day of it sprouting in the soul soil and it's about 3" tall.
  12. Ive used MG for several grows, the potting soil type. Have not had any issues. Mix in epsom salt into the soil if your using it for the final transplant. That should fix the Mg deficiency some people get during flowering.

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