Miracle grow?

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  1. Is miracle grow good or bad? Is the liquid formula any good?
  2. i will say it works if its all u have ..if u dont have anything else use it ..most will say dont and knock it real bad ..but i have done tests before and used nothing but MG and have grown big ass buds compared to the control plants that didnt have anything at all..so if u have it and nothing else and cant get anything else ..i say ruuuun with it
  3. most people on here will say not to use it because most bags contain time released ferts that can make your soil too hot and cause deficiencies and nute burn. as long as you don't over water it you'll be straight man. try to use somethin like fox farms but if MG is all you can get, by all means use it!
  4. Okay so this is my first grown and idk if its male or femal or hermi?

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  5. It looks like a female but its hard to tell really from the pic.

    Mg will work well but isnt optimum. You can work on optimum in future years. Water soluble ferts such as MG do offer an advantage over pelletized or organic ferts in that with water solubles, you dillute in water, pour it on the plant and within 12- 24 hrs the plant has absorbed it and is well on the way to cure. Other forms of fert can take a week or longer to begin working. FYI
  6. looks female to me too
  7. better view? I dont think its chronic but i think its some type of high grade mid. If that even exists :confused:

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  8. It's female
  9. does it look healthy? its my first grow lol
  10. She looks good and healthy to me, keep up the good work
  11. I use their house plant feed for veg and it is fine, the soil doesn't have a good rep around here though.

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