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Miracle Grow Timed Release/ Yellowing

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by hic, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Well I have an issue has come up that I need council of the wise, this is the scenario. I have seedlings growing in Miracle Grow Time Released Ferts. I know I know shame shame, " hey I need a challenge been there done that" so now that were done with shaming me we can move on. Anyway my seedlings are around 3 weeks, 2nd set 3 leaves and there is a very fair amount of "yellowing" in the plants lower end of plant is yellower than top. Normally I would assume that there is not enough Nitrogen in the soil, I dont have one burnt tip and the plants look nice just yellowing so I am not led to believe that they are getting too much of one thing? My gut is telling me too fed them,my mind is telling me if I fed them with just a small amount of nutes it would be like setting of a bomb inside the soil "already has ferts in the soil" I would wake up to to curled burnt leaves and purple stems.

    So I am thinking of putting a small amount of fertalizer on 1 or 2 plants and see what happens, I have also thought of a light foliar feeding or two. Objective is not to hurt any of them though. So are they getting too much?? I think they are not getting enough.

  2. I'm having a very similar problem with Miracle Grow Time Release. I've already lost two sets of leaves from the bottom of a plant. It's about 36 days old and has had a fair amount of yellowing the entire month.
  3. it's salt buildup. The only way to fix it is transplant into new soil.

    sorry, but that's the bottom line.

  4. He hit the nail on the head. ^
  5. What size are the containers? The roots may not have room to expand and the plant sacrifices the lower leaves to make room for roots that effect the growing tip.

    So, I disagree with the previous post. The bottom line may be the size of the container, not the soil.
  6. he could fill a 30 gallon can with that soil and it would still yellow and cause salt build up. Did you even see he's using time release soil?
  7. Well I must say salt build up never even crossed my mind. Is there any remedy for salt build up besides transplanting? Transplanting is not an option at this point, Saturday I gave them a very minute foliar feeding,

    I will post some pics today! and so ya all what we are working with. Oh and they are in 2liter bottles cut..

    I wanna thank you guys for your input.. thank you!
  8. Your problem is the time release pellets in the soil. as you water more and more, they burst open and flood the soil with nutes. these nutes build up because the plant cant use the massive amount of them that is constantly replenishing. This results in salt buildup which kills plants quick.

    You must transplant into a larger container with non-time release soil. Its the only way to fix this.

    I have gone through it before with MG time release and learned the hard way, just like you are.

    you can flush the soil as much as you want and those fert balls are just gonna keep breaking for months and months.

    I know it sucks when you spend good money on shitty equipment and have to go buy what you should have gotten in the first place. Live and learn.
  9. im using MG also for my whole grow, i say get the MG organic choice soil...check out my sig and see my grow, i had nute burns for my first month until i changed soil and they blew up!! not gonna throw dirt on MG name but the time release stuff is caca!! good luck with everything ur lil girls should pull through just fine!!:hello:
  10. listen to this guy man, he is giving u good advise, failure to take further action will cause ur plants to PERISH!!!:devious: muahahahaha
  11. I grow in MGOC as well. I didnt see the need to mention it until you did.

    MGOC has no time release ferts in it.
  12. my bad i didnt clear it up...i was using time release nutes at first and then i switched to MGOC and i love it!!
  13. Well as promised here are some pics, Although after taking the pics I noticed that I didn't make holes in the w.w. so that might be that ones problem "no drainage".

    mg ww.jpg [/attach]

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  14. Make sure u fill ur pot with alot of soil before u transplant and dont rip any roots, u should be good brotha
  15. Sorry he's right. I can't argue with his solution either. He's obviously has a library of books where and years of experience to pick and choose his answer from.

    Good Luck!
  16. I am not going to transplant until end of may. I will not be using this soil when I put em in the ground. I must find a solution to yellowing until end of may. Some plants look good with this soil Though I do'nt know for how long?

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  17. Yellowing like that is common with many plants and can be caused by just about everything.

    The plants look great.

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