Miracle Grow Soil Update; Clones and Plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. Hey fella's-

    Awhile back i posted about using "Miracle Grow" brand soil for my plants. Well i transplanted some rooted clones into 3 gallon buckets with the MG soil. They have been growing GREAT! I only water once a week. The soil has so much organic material i would rather be a hair dry than overdo it and have mold/rot issues. I give the soil a thumbs up.
    Been almost two months, i just gave my plants their first shot of MG fert solution (two weeks into flowering)

    Now as for the clones. Ive also rooted 10 white widow clones in the soil. I just used 12oz clear cups with the MG soil and the usual method to root. Took almost two weeks to take a strong root, and so far they all seem to be going good. I mist them a good 5 times a day/ no humidity dome, just 60w worth of floros. The soil holds so much moisture it works great! I will let them stay in the cups until the roots are all over thick, then 3 gal bucket with the same soil and more light :)

    So go for it, the soil worked for me. If its on sale give it a shot.
  2. there should be a forum for recommended products, with reviews and such!!! See Devil, ya got me thinking!!

    Glad to hear all is well with your MiracleGrow! i think i was one of the people that bashed it, but......screw me...i dont know anything!!! haha

    keep it up, and dont listen to people like me!!!! hahahha


    Ps-do i get in trouble for making fun of myself?
  3. I wouldn't use mg soil, being an organic grower, I would not use it myself. I like to know what's in my soil and chemicals are a no/no. Organicly grown plants are just that, no chems.
    Basically, when growing organically, you feed the soil rather than the plant, which produces tons of micro-organisms that feed your plant. IMHO there is no better/healthier plants on the planet than those grown organically. Try it you'll like it. NO CHEMICALS
  4. Well im not going into the whole organic/vs chemical fert debate, im just presenting that the soil works great.

    Though the soil does have little balls of chemical fert in it, it is still very much organic. What I mean by that is the soil is not just "dirt" lots of mulch looking stuff.

    Another thing, its light weight soil. My 3 gallon buckets are really light, compared to one with regular field soil in it. I think the roots like the "lightness of the soil since they prob get lots of O2.

    Anyhow, ive had good luck w/it.

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