Miracle Grow soil any good?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DElliott1984, Jan 19, 2002.

  1. Has anyone here ever used the Miracle Soil or Soilless Mixture or whatever its called, with your plants? If so, how is it? I'm transplanting my plant into a bigger pot and that was all I could find at such short notice.
  2. I''ve used Miracle-gro soil and SChultz soil. Pretty much its a potting mix with some time released fertilizer (like osmocote) in it. Over time watering, and heat the fertilizer is released a little by little. Mostly its for people who don't want to take the time to fert or are not talented enough to mix ferts. It will work good for your plants but be careful if you are going to add supplemental ferts, you may burn them (well burn then before you could smoke them *LOL*)
  3. Yeah, i wasn't going to add any fert for a while because it says on the bag that it doesnt need to be fed for 3 months. I am, however, going to mix my own soil. I was thinking 1 part perlite, 1 part vermiculite, peat moss, and organic fertilizer. Well, i think the Miracle Grow soil is better than wha i was using before...plus I have a better light setup ,a new fan that also blows heat (it gets too damn cold here in Michigan..). My stems started turning purple and I heard that was because it was too cold. It started budding 4 weeks ago but the buds arent growing all that fast and I hope I solved that problem. One more thing, what would be the best things to use to make myself some organic fertilizer so I dont have to use the chemical stuff at the store?
  4. if you can, try to find an MG organic with no nutes added. Then add your own nutrients. Plenty of option if you search here.

    Better yet Fox Farm Ogranic Soil - I've had luck with the "Ocean Variety"

    Still better - Break down and by a bottle veg. fertilizer (such as Bio Grow) and a bottle of bloom fertilizer (such as Bio Grow) and you'll be amazed at you results. The nutes in miracle are not meant to grow mj, and they dont provide proper nutes for either vegetative or bloomibg stages. If you recently re-potted, I would re-re-pot. You get what you put into it. Just my two cents. Good Luck!

  5. HID lighting can break down that time-release formula too quickly, over-ferting and burning your roots. Use any organic soil without ferts.
  6. sucks avoid at all costs
  7. MG organic sucks as well it still has nutes in it and it says on the back for out side use not for poted plants. buy normal potting mix and add to it or spend the extra bucks on a all organic mix like happy frog

  8. Pleeease don't use MG, it is very likely that it will kill your plants.
  9. MG soil in my opinion is for intermediate to experienced growers, start easy, use normal potting soil
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM MG AND SCHULTZ! how dare any of you even consider violating a marijuana plant with that crap?! i feel extremely offended because of this. just kidding haha. stay away from it man, it'll cook your plant
  11. Well, one thing you have to consider is the quality of the final product.

    The time release nutrients will make it hard to not only control nutrient levels, but in the final stages of flowering, the nutes may still be realeased without your control. This is bad, for in the final stage of flowering, you'll want to keep your medium nute free, or else you will get bad tastes in your smoke.

    When the quality of the smoke is comprimised, you have to ask yourself why you are growing in the first place.

    That's my two cents... Hope it helps.

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