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  1. Hey folks. I’ve read all the bad reviews on growing cannabis in MG potting soil but I used it anyway for my last 2 grows and had the best results I’ve ever had. (only done 5 grows total all fem Ak48 and northern lights from nirvana) The plants blew my away by how fast they grew and the flower is dense and smokes beautifully. Just wondering if I’m the only person who has had good results with MG potting soil. Also, if anyone else has experience with it I’m wondering...Should I be adding any extra nutrients along the way for even better results? I didn’t add anything last time except my well water. Thanks in advance
  2. My opinion is that all those bad Miracle Grow claims are wrong.
    All inorganic fertilizers are pretty much the same.
    If this fertilizer were as bad as MJ growers think, MG would be out of business by now.
    I'd keep using it if it's convenient.

    I seriously doubt that there's anything else you'd need to add.
    Adding anything else could make things worse for you, because over-feeding is the main cause of health problems.
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  3. Ive used MG and had absolutely no problems. Just like you ive used no nutes and just filtered tap water with Unsulfered molasses. 1 tbls per gallon. The grow thats flowering right now has 70% MG moisture control, 20% perlite, and topped off with MG cactus mix since its real sandy. Ill post up a pic

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  4. Here's a neat little video on miracle grow vs other brands of bagged soil

    He has a few previous to this showing updates along the way
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    Snoochie Boochies!
  6. I’ve never grown with it but I’ve personally seen some impressive plants grown in MG soil and fed with MG feed
  7. No issues in flower? I always had beautiful plants in veg with miracle grow, but always problems in flower
  8. i've used some Miracle Gro the past two years, but i am really low-tech when it comes to record keeping. to me, dirt is dirt. i do fertilize 2 or 3 times during the growing stage. never been disappointed in my harvests other than things i knowingly screwed up ... some mold and insect damage the first year, got a too late start in growing last year. two things i will avoid in year three.
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  9. That's another thing MG soil either being too wet or coming infested with fungus gnats.
  10. Lol the uneven EC and nute fluctuations, just too much.

    Laziest crap ever. If you want easy and nice results buy some cal mag and vegbloom
  11. Uneven EC and nute fluctuarions.... same thing ppl say about FF soils
  12. Which is why I grow in coco.

    FF indoors is garbage.
  13. I did an experiment like 10yrs ago, with mg organic soil and no extra nutes at all. Take from it what you will
    20200220_083031.jpg 20200220_082951.jpg

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  14. I eventually want to switch to coco or hempy buckets. Still using Ff Hf and OF until I’m ready to learn in a new medium

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