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  1. herd miracle grow potting soil has time release nutes and is bad for growing pot. well plants aree 3 weeks in and most of bottom leaves have yellwo brown spots which i assume is nute burn, flushing would activate mroe nutes so not sure wut to do.
    q1: shud i just keep going? does nute burn affect plant very badly?
    q2: shud i just repot the plant? have it in a 2 galon pot and worried cuz top soil turns blue from all noots lol plus alredy have nute burn on 6 leaves of plant outa like 12 or sumthin. the new preflowers sprouting are all good but worried about em for later in vegg.
    q3: currently running 120 actuall watts 6500k on single weed plant 6 inches away, SHOULD I add more cfl 200+ watts so plant burns through nutes/grows more rapidly to utilize the soil so nute burn subsides?
    q4: !! DO NUTE BURNED LEAVES BOUNCE BACK????? if i flush it out for a couple weeks would the leaves gain back more green danky hue??? 

  2. ive used miracle gro for a grow, BAD DECISION

    lots of nute burn,etc

    but my buds still came out dank. make sure to flush to get the built up nutes on the bottom
  3. lool , think it affects yield alot? nute burnt leaves feel more rough than reg ones, so they take less lgiht in less efficiently? less buds? ;[
  4. No good, no good at all.
    Repot into a 3 gallon or bigger, try to knock off as much miracle gro as you can without damaging the root ball.
    Yes your yield is going to be affected a long with potency, Miracle Gro is just no good.  Pick up some Fox Farm or anything like it
  5. I would take the plant out of the pot, carefully remove as much soil as I can with water, and re-pot in the best soil you can get. Throw some extra wormcastings in. Some more veg time will allow her to recover. Or you could leave her alone, either way it's not going to be pretty.
    When I used their soil it ran very acidic, hydroponic range. Might want to check that, I countered the low ph with dolomite lime.
    If you're growing an autoflower your yield is fucked, if it's a photoperiod you can veg to recover.
  6. I literally could not control the pH the first time I ever used Miracle Gro, that stuff is like a volatile shit storm you have no control of.
    Definitely need to repot and veg longer to recover and like Not Sure said it better not be an autoflower lol
  7. its some bagseed, wut shud i do??? uhm can i still grow it out with the miracle grow soil and just not add nutes? just wana get like 1 oz off this plant but would it be a good idea to just repot all together? live on east coast so finding more seeds is not rlly option 4 me atm
  8. not looking for a lb off it, proly just gona grow it to like 1-2 ft tall and flower
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    I dont think you'll even get an ounce. were telling you need to repot for a reason.
    You wont even get a proper flush with this soil.  You can ride it out and have an 'ok' harvest or switch it up and get better soil and have a much better harvest.
    Also, to answer your original post, nothing ever bounces back except new growth.  everythign that is burned will stay burned so be sure to look at new growth instead for any changes in health
  10. ok the new growth tips of leaves r yellow!!!! i herd some ppl having successful harvests with miracle gro but if new growth turning yellow at tips mean i gotta report today??? would it be worth repotting or riding it out? also not even 1 oz? how much usualy 1 plant give ? wich option is best atm? repot into nuteless soil or just  ride the nutes out and just use nutes in the soil for flowering too?
  11. ill repot 2day if i have to but just wana kno my options
  12. Succesful Miracel Gro harvests are a quack, IMO.
    If you can, it will be more worth it to repot into better soil and keep vegging your plant to give it time to heal.  Any soil you buy will not have enough to get you through flower, you need to buy some nutrients to feed your plant.
    Fox farm will have enough nutrients to keep you vegging for a few weeks but after that its spent and you will need to start adding some
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    wont all the time release nutes in miracle grow be enough? if its burning the leaves mean its pretty hot soil?? so enuf for flower? dont wana add nutes to alredy nute filled soil lols, im gonna ride it out and see, mite cuz too much stress to plant to repot unless i start to see more nute burn on the new fan leaves comin out, plus for future blades who use miracle gro can learn from mine grow if sucesful lols. could it also be light burn??? 120 watts in cfl actuall light is alot, herd its 100w per plant and i only have a single closet grow going on.
  14. Its not your lights and its not going to be great if you flower in it.
    Ride it out man, do what you want. 
    Youre still in veg and its really not hard to repot a plant.  But, I'm telling you now, Miracle Gro is complete shit and you'll wonder why you ever used it after a couple more grows.
  15. but will it come out succesful grow??? first grow so just tryna learn from single weed plant i got noaw. if i get 5 gs off this plant ill make bk all muny i spent on lights/supplies/etc. lool. its abt 6 inch high and very flurishing/ foliagey. at 3 weeks since seed
  16. also spraying watter on the leaves to help keep leaves moist to help the nute burn. all advice appreciated/needed lol not sure wut the best course of action wud b
  17. That's what mine are in.. got it b/c of the high nitrogen. Switching to the organic from now on. Haven't had a problem w burning yet, but all plants are different, guess I'm just lucky. Watch about over watering too.

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  18. Also read that plants can't absorb through leaves until around 45 days of age, but don't know if any truth to that..

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    I've used it. Yes you get nute burn but I think the point is the end product. I say if you're going to repot. Mix with 50% perlite and that will allow more oxygen uptake and lessen the burn. Then when the plant knocks back from transplant the nutes in the soil will actually aid the vege process. Its like the famous eastern painting The Vinegar Tasters, the embodiments of 3 eastern religions the first two representing Buddhism and Zen and both have a sour expression, but the third, Taoism, expects vinegar to be sour tasting and so is smiling, because it is very good vinegar. If you use miracle grow anything , expect nute burn but in expecting it you can cope with it to get the plant past the burn stages and into using the pre-added nutes to vege well

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    Misting leaves wont help nute burn.  It will cause more burns if youre doin this with your lights on.
    If you do ride this out, expect another 4-6 weeks of issues

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