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Miracle Grow Potting Mix?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Sir Smokalott, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Please answer this simple question.... Will this: http://www.miraclegro.com/index.cfm/...e90353fa98608f

    Will this soil be good for starting 15 weed plants? Also, how many bags of that soil will I need and how big of a grow space should I have for about 15 plants?

    Help on this would be exponentially helpfull

    So here are the question broken down:

    1) How many bags of soil will I need for 15 weed plants?
    2) How big of a grow space for 15 weed plants?
  2. miracle grow sucks. dont use miracle grow............ever............................................................ever

  3. Thats your opinion. Heres some nice 2 month old (1 month in flower) grown in MG soil and MG perlite

    Gennerally you want one gallon of soil for each foot of growth (plants double when flowering)
    and you will need at least 2-3 square feet of space per plant outside to allow for light penetration and proper coverage (also depends on how you big you want em to get.

    If you grow them to 1 foot and start to flower you should wind up with a 2-3 foot plant at harvest and will need space.

    If you only go 6 inches (at least 4 nodes) and then start flowering then you get 18" plant and need only 1-2 square feet per plant for space.
  4. The problem with MG soil is the time release ferts.I used to use it myself and have had success using it.but iv also had problems in late flower due to salt build ups.its unpredictable and therefore undesirable.stick to a soil you can work with is mho.The person asking the question is obviously new to growing so why tell him to use a soil that gives even experienced growers fits?
  5. theres a whole thread devoted to MG and why its bad. just stick to good soil that doesnt have a lot of ferts and crap in it already so u can add what u want like broken said

  6. true that... i used it last year for my first grow and everything looked fine, yielded a little less than a half pound and it looked beautiful. The thing was IT TASTED LIKE ASS!! dead serious, my friends and i were planning on killing a quarter for the first sitting with it, and we did get high, its just the tast was horrific and it gave us all headaches.

    this year i bought fox farms and am having pretty good results so far

  7. I have good results with mg organic choice potting soil. I use that with a lil worm castings/perilite and it's as good as any I've used.. I'd stay away from the green bags with the time released synthetic fertilizer included... The high heat from the lights, constant wet/dry cycles, and smaller container sizes leads to problem with the time release nutes, releasing more rapidly then ideal which causes some problems at times......

    On another note I have raised nice plants in rugular mg potting mixes, but it's not as predictable indoors under the lights, and can casue problems with those less aware, or unable to read the plants... You only add ferts to a mg grow if they start showing a defficiency, not before.. the time release nutes, on top of those fertilizers we use to push our mj can really be a problem. Let the plants use those that are in the soil first, then u can start adding and feeding liquid fertilizers.
  8. DONT USE MIRACLE GROW!!! It killed all of my plants as soon as i used it!

  9. The time released ferts are of trace amounts .020 or around there. It is simply a microbially enhanced soil the amount of N-P-K in the soil that is time released is negligable .020 as compared to the 20.-20.-20. used for vegging.

    Once again the problem with the soil is lack of oxygen flow due to compaction and staying wet all the time that causes root rot. This is easily fixable by adding more perlite. Problems solved.

    Your friends buiild up was most likely caused by not having enough perlite mixed in there the roots stop getting oxygen and stay wet all the time. If you dont add gross amounts of perlite 50/50 you WILL have problems, If you add enough perlite you will NOT. Simplee end of story. Nutes are nutes, if you add 20.020-20.040-20.018 your plant will not suffer for it unless it can not get enough oxygen to the root then it WILL burn.

    i am an experienced grower never had a single problem with MG or its nutes, Must be something they are doing if they are having fits.
  10. thanks for the help guys. most likely since i dont have enough money for all the gallons of soil i'd need, im most likely going to plant them straight in the ground soil, and pray to god it does somewhat decent.
  11. no.. you should buy soil to place over the shit soil where you're growing. Just don't buy miracle grow. I got a huge bag of soil for like, 10 or 15 bucks at meijer's. Just use some simple nutriated potting soil. Nothing too fancy.
  12. yeah but, enough soil for about 15-20 plants will be awfully expensive, dont you think?
  13. Hey I Just Bought Miracle Grow Organic Soil Yer Saying Im Going The Wrong Route!?
  14. seriously... if it said "ORGANIC" that means its "ORGANIC." Your ok. Soil wont cost too much, going to home depo and buying a big 5 dollar bag of soil is prolly better than using crap in the ground. Also if you dont have enough money to START 15 seeds, my suggestion is dont grow 15 plants.
  15. Somebody mentioned salt buildup and that it affects plants in late flowering stage. First, how do you avoid salt buildup and secondly how do you recognize it when it happens? It's one thing to say that I would need to flush if I have it but it's important that I avoid it because I won't be close enough to some of my plants to flush for two weeks or whatever it takes to fix it.

  16. Proper breathing of your soil should avoid any stresses. If you are using MG anything and have not added vermiculite and or perlite ever you may run into problems. Sorry but proper planning avoids future errors.
  17. I've learned this the hard way. I used straight MG organic choice when I started my ladies. They've suffered because of that I think. I've trasplaneted them into a mix of MG:OC and Perlite. I think they're doing much better now.
  18. Been there done that. My First 9 sprouts died horrible deaths before I learnt my lesson.

  19. ewww, i would cry if that happened to mine. =p

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