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  1. Has anyone ever used this soil? If so how did it perform for being "miracle grow"? I'm having problems with the soil bag being infested with some type of extremely small white bugs. Also have some type of gnats flying around now... lol. When I transplant my sprouts into a bigger pot I'm gonna add some perlite since the drainage is awful and also some worm castings since I've heard that'll help with insects and such. Also does anyone know the soil pH? It didn't say on the bag. Thank you for reading!!
  2. Never used Miracle Gro
    But if you’re worried about soil borne disease/pests from store bought soil, you can always just “pasteurize” it.
    I’m not sure all of the temps and specifics but it’s basically like baking out all the bad stuff. I’m sure there are threads on it around here or somewhere.
  3. Iv got a few outdoor autos going in it small pot guerilla grow it syas not for container growing ? Id say water to run off mine looked deficient till i started heavy watering once flowering i started cal mag and about half dose of an trio
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  4. I’ve seen some good reviews on it but remember anytime that you mention Miracle Grow it’s going to generate some criticism. I’ve used their products in the garden before with good results but I’ve never used this but I plan on trying it.
  5. I found need to water a lot in small pots im running 1 gal pots outside and was looking deficient till i started watering to maybe 15% runoff or so and definitely improved after adding CALiMAGic to my watering running an ph perfect trio 1/8 to 1/4 strength didnt use much grow cause of soil.
  6. Sorry for all my multiple posts i had a j of some Skywalker earlier man i been in and out for a few hours lol
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  7. :smoke: I think you will find some understanding folks here.
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  8. I plan on trying it soon myself. I'm sure it'll be fine but I'm only doing it for curiosity's sake I would never really choose MG products over anything else I had available simply because Monsanto.
  9. I completely understand that but every single company or Corp that I’ve ever worked at or dealt with has greedy, crooked scum in their exec suites. I’m convinced the folks at MG aren’t by themselves.
  10. Sure. I can counter that argument with Fox Farm as they refused to sell to Hawthorne regardless of money
  11. I tend to believe that 'every man has his price'.
    My beloved Peters...
    My beloved Osmocote...
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  12. The product is new so not many people have finished a crop with it I'm using it mixed with some cheap topsoil and perilite and I'm in 25 gal pots for 2 and grocery store reusable bags for the other I have 3 plants 3 weeks into flower under a 600 hps and they look great
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  13. The bugs are fungus gnats put an inch of sand on top of the soil and they will die off soon
  14. Turned lights back 3 weeks ago plants are looking great haven't done shit but water the whole grow
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